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ResumePlay: Demon's Souls Review

Demon's Souls is perhaps one of the most difficult games released in the past decade, and certainly the most difficult game on today's market. Players who criticise it for being too hard should perhaps stick to their health regeneration and constant first aid pick-ups. Demon's Souls is a true game for the Hardcore gamer.

A game where beating the game requires you to actually dedicate the time needed to master it. Where the endless setbacks & frustration are needed to earn the great satisfaction that comes with the rare privilege of triumph. Demon's Souls is the darkest, most sadistically fun ResumePlay has ever played. (Demon's Souls, PS3) 5/5

Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1930d ago
DS seems to be turning out way better than what anyone originally expected.
jazzking2001  +   1930d ago
i wanna play it
Myst  +   1930d ago
Like I said in other review, Hurry up Jazz :p.
rucky  +   1930d ago
Same here buddy, i'm planning on playing it over the weekend though.
beardpapa  +   1929d ago
my copy just came in the mail since yesterday, and I would say since yesterday I haven't been able to get my mind off it or put the controller down. It's so addictive. I dunno how many times I've died already, but still the game is oh so addictive.
LiquifiedArt  +   1929d ago
I'm about 10hrs into it
Extremely addicting.

My #1 Tip:

Don't read walkthroughs or guides, it will completely ruin the experience. The messages and souls in-game are MORE then enough to help you. Thats why they put them there!!!
Daver  +   1929d ago
This game is just awesome! just finished and i hope they will make a sequel loll
FlatulentGhost  +   1930d ago
Really captured why gamers are so in love with this masterpiece.
Tex117  +   1929d ago
Agreed, and it also hints at why some gamers my absolutely hate this game.
DrPirate  +   1930d ago
lol @ the first few comments being hired "hits"
LJWooly  +   1930d ago
I still have no intention of buying this game.
Parapraxis  +   1930d ago
...and we should care why?
LJWooly  +   1930d ago
You shouldn't. I never asked you to reply to my comment. Thanks anyway though.
DrPirate  +   1930d ago
did you ever know, that you're my hero
LJWooly  +   1930d ago
You're everything I wish I could beeeee
Sarcasm  +   1929d ago
Demon's Souls separates the men from the boys.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1929d ago
For once I agree with you Sarcasm. Even tho you think I have this evil agenda on faking my interest in the ps3. Demon's Soul gained my interest once I heard about the difficulty. Always loved hard core games. I beat Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja when I was younger and that is still my main gaming accomplishment. Never really had another game that hard core since than. This one looks like it might challenge me.
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Limited_Vertigo  +   1929d ago
Wait What?
You're a Halo enthusiast and you have the gull to speak of difficulty levels and a challenge? I don't get it.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1929d ago
Play me in multiplayer and we'll talk about challenge. Halo 3's multiplayer is the most challenging FPS on consoles by far. No noobies allowed.
Pennywise  +   1929d ago
Don't worry. One day they will drop and you will want to play with all the big boys.
Limited_Vertigo  +   1929d ago
"No noobies allowed"

You've got to be kidding me. Since every 360 owner feels it's their duty to buy anything with Halo on it I'd say it's perfectly logical to assume it's the exact opposite of "noobie free". I like how you had to throw in there: "The most challenging FPS multiplayer on consoles", that's the equivalent of saying "He's the best 1 armed basketball player we know".
Grandreaper9999  +   1929d ago
@ Halo Recreational gamer. Wooaaahhhh buddy

Halo has a thing called AIM-ASSIST. Lots of it.

And the sword lunges...

Hardcore my ass.
Parapraxis  +   1930d ago
I want this game so bad.
If anybody knows where I can get the Deluxe Ed. in Canada at a reasonable price PM me please.
(Amazon.ca has it for 200$ CAD..no joke)

"Players who criticize it for being too hard should perhaps stick to their health regeneration and constant first aid pick-ups"
Quoted for TRUTH.
godoftime  +   1930d ago
demon's souls is so badass Imma finally be a man once I play this. nothing else will make me a man but playing this game. that's how badass demon's souls is. yup.
Sarcasm  +   1929d ago
lol, you probably should catch my comment above^

Yes. No longer is having sex with a girl when boys become men. It's only after you play Demon's Souls after you get it on will you really feel like a man.

Just joking of course. Sex with girl > Demon's Souls
Keowrath  +   1929d ago
I know this is off topic but...
Sarcasm, with the amount of teenage parents out there who haven't got a clue, having sex does not equate to a boy becoming a man! =)

Woah, I just re-read what I wrote. Far too serious for a friday afternoon.

ON TOPIC! I so want this game, I love a difficult game and I love RPG's I can't wait for this title but I can't afford it right now. Hoping I'll be getting it for christmas... Scratch that. If I don't get this for christmas, I'm gonna be pissed! =)
ChefDejon  +   1930d ago
is a slizzle
Bagogames  +   1930d ago
Keeps on going and going
I've been playing it since April & I still haven't got any of the gold item trophies & have like 3 of the weapon trophies :/

Thats what I get for sucking and using the same stuff everytime I guess.
Myst  +   1930d ago
Started a new character after making a mistake on my old, pretty much got back to where I was previously. Helped a few people beat bosses and messaged them where to go by using the XMB.

Now all I have to do is spend some time getting somewhere for myself! I seem to be stuck in the loop of 'offing' myself to help others, oh well tomorrow I suppose I run a gauntlet of killing two bosses. The one in Latria is easy and can be done by myself. Then I think everything else will be on part 2..

Fun game everyone must get it!
W-k  +   1930d ago
I would give it 6 out of 5
This game is taking over my life. cant stop playing it, iv found it really addictive. normally i would have beaten it by now if it was any outer game .i like helping people for points , i don't much care for playing as a black phantom tho i tried it once and i won the battle tho went on for like 15-20 mins i was a royal and the other player was a knight,great game tho i want to play it right now :P i really want a demons souls 2!! in the future.
DonCorneo  +   1930d ago
okay, so my uncharted 2 just arrived
and it's sitting there unopened

and i'm playing Demon's Souls tonight
krauley  +   1930d ago
i would be doing the same thing
if i havent already played and beaten the asian version of this game. i even picked it back up and restarted a new char a few days ago while awaiting my uc2 preorder to arrive from newegg. this game(DS) is just an unbelievable awsome experience. of course now that i have uc2 in the ps3, i havent downgraded my gaming one bit. :)
meatnormous  +   1930d ago
I feel the same way. I did play Uncharted 2 for about an hour but all I could think about was Demons Souls. Why did these 2 gems have to release so close to each other.
WIIIS1  +   1930d ago
I've only just started playing this game. I like the combat system a lot, but the world does not (yet) seem as interactive as Oblivion. Looks like a very promising game though. With Dragon's Age around the corner, I'll be having my fill of fantasy RPG.
Sarcasm  +   1929d ago
Well considering Oblivion is built upon the whole exploration of the vast landscape and different environments, it better have more interations.

Demon's Souls is built upon "You're by yourself, now go and get em Son"

Much like trying to get laid for the first time. It pays off once you get there and thus find yourself wanting more.
Tony P  +   1929d ago
I think gamers kind of need to stop expecting Oblivion in every RPG. Games of that size and scope are the exception to the rule, not the standard. That's why Bethesda are about the only guys making them like that. Most others who try (like the makers of Two Worlds) are frankly out of their depth.
rbluetank  +   1930d ago
this is how hard this game is.... lol
i beat two bosses. (phanx and temple knight) i only have 2% completion and two trophies for 10 hrs of game play. i died alot and learned alot by ever death. lol when i first seen the Temple knight i almost shiated my pants.... i said to myself . how in the Rcvker can i beat this muther Rcvker. i beat him on my first try. omg all i want to say to all the people who play this game is to stay frosty/endure the learing curve of this game. i never feel so alive after beating certain sections and boss battle in a game before. demon soul is the shiat!
Myst  +   1930d ago
that stay frosty can also be applied to those black phantoms that invade, gosh...Especially when your in the middle of something and someone barges in. Though on the good side if they are close enough and kill enemies that are still left out you'll get those souls :p.
Baba1906  +   1930d ago
i absolutly adore this game. it just feels right. i got my royality class kicking some demonbutt all over the spooky world. its so awesome to finish a stage. its all about knowing the place, the enemy and having the right equip.
DigitalAnalog  +   1929d ago
Playasia.com still sells the deluxe edition.

Highatus  +   1929d ago
Hardcore gaming at its most brutally best.

Yes I love this game.
Bagogames  +   1929d ago
Coulda imported
And started playing months ago like me. Then again it's no middle of october and I'm playing little else so maybe that isn't enough =/
CherryLu-Chan  +   1929d ago
Still not here.. still excited as heck..
Hoping it should turn up in the next few days [import].

I can't remember a game that swept in out of nowhere and really took so many people by surprise. It's a joy to see that folks do still want an absolute challenge, to better themselves and then the game - and it's been a real treat hearing tales of those learning curves and battles on here.

Limited_Vertigo  +   1929d ago
It's been a long time since I locked myself in my bedroom, put the phone on silent, and lost myself completely in the game. The combination of the difficulty and there being no pause really forces you to immerse yourself in the world. It's such a great experience.

I laugh at those buying games with 6hrs of gameplay for 60 bux (you know who you are) while I embark on a quest that's going to give me hundreds of hours of gameplay for the same price.
Shendow  +   1929d ago
-_- not shock, it was a really big hit in Japan an the only thing people cry about the most is the fact its hard and I mean harder then any game out on the market right now.

But it keeps killing you and you keep coming back for more and 2nd time threw the game isn't going to be easy to, everything is two times more powerful and after the 2nd time things don't get as strong.

So yeah this game has alot of gameplay.
Qdog  +   1929d ago
Initially the game was very challenging...
However now after beating it the first time, I have such a sense of satisfaction, as it will help you develop skills needed to master it. I am willing to say that the challenges this game threw at me, helped me develop further as a gamer which is how the game presents itself. It becomes apparent when you reach the Tower Knight that you will rise to the occasion or be crushed underneath it and fairly quick. Come check me out in the pantheon as I have ranked 1rst for most black phantoms slain in North America...cq842000 add me, but dont dare invade my game. Im waiting for you.
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NexGen  +   1929d ago
Hehe, I saw you up there....I was checking out people's gear and hours played to get a sense of the time needed to really get geared up.
Why Dat  +   1929d ago
For goodness sake, those of you who didn't buy this yet (or are still on the fence), BUY IT!

This game is a total gem! I am so glad I bought the Deluxe Edition. The artbook is FANTASTIC.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   1929d ago
What makes it so addictive to me is...
there are no check points or endings. There is no place in the game that feels like,"Ok, this a good stopping point." Even if you defeat a demon, you are still alive (not in soul form) and can summon people and not to mention you just probably upgraded and got something new to try out. Addictive.
Bagogames  +   1929d ago
Im also glad I bought the asian version
I got it month's earlier ;)
Tex117  +   1929d ago
I can't speak more highly about this game.

I will always put the disclaimer though that if you aren't in the niche that this game was gunning for you will hate it.

I didn't think a game could be hard and not cheap. With the exception of flamelurker and maneater, it is not cheap at all.

You died because you were stupid, got frustrated and/or overconfident.

I can't get my mind out of Demon's Souls.
Bagogames  +   1929d ago
Theres a boss fight I actaually feel cheap, two on one & so little room to work.
Tex117  +   1929d ago
Agreed, shoot the the fog on the far left to get the first maneaters power down far enough for a one shot kill when walk through.

Take the second one on one. Makes this much more managable.

Either that, or blow the everliving eff out of them with the Wrath of God or Firestorm.

I still think the first strategy is the way to go.
Bagogames  +   1929d ago
I myself shove an oversized sword down their ugly throats and cross my fingers I block at the right times.
scheme_a  +   1929d ago
It's also kind of important to separate them from one another and try to fight at the center so you can dodge the charge easier.
Fire storm will make it almost too easy tho
INDIGO_CYCLOPS  +   1929d ago
Man I keep seeing more and more sites using that banner image I made for the NeoGAF thread...
Bagogames  +   1927d ago
I was actually looking for the maker as it's becoming quite popular. Ty for such a wicked banner

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