Which Video Game Console Should You Buy for Christmas 2009?

Associated Content.......Considering getting a video game console for a friend, relative or kid this Christmas season? You're not alone. Video game consoles post huge numbers in December, and Christmas is the big reason.

However, not all video game consoles are created equally, and different pricings and specials might make one a much better choice than another for your household. Here's a look at the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii's price points and main features to help you decide which to buy for Christmas this year.

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meepmoopmeep3288d ago

buy the white one in that pic, of course!

thebudgetgamer3288d ago

dont want a wii.

so 360 it is for me.


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3287d ago
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gumgum993287d ago

I already have a PS3, but would like a PS3 slim, if possible.