New Mw2 multiplayer mode: Snowmobile racing

With extensive multiplayer modes now featuring snowmobile racing, Modern Warfare 2 is being eagerly awaited by Yahoo! UK Games. From Russia, through Rio, and all the way to Washington DC these will be events to go down in videogame history.

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LinuxGuru3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Modern Warfare 9: Siberian Snowmobiling for Sissies

If I want snowmobile racing, I'll go play Arctic Thunder in the arcade.

If IW thinks they can stick in some random ass feature like this and justify charging full price for MW2...I'll be picking up the game used for sure.

Elvfam5113343d ago

seriously really snowmobile racing wow

instead of co-op story mode (not spec ops) they went with this nice

LinuxGuru3343d ago

Yeah talk about grasping for straws, right?


Storm233343d ago

This game is SO HARDCORE!


Blow Out Your Brains3343d ago

Linux Guru, STFU you tool. I guarantee that MW2 has quality written all over it