ResumePlay: What Is Epic Mickey?

Within the past few weeks, news of a game titled "Epic Mickey" has been hitting the net. Some have probably heard of it, some may not have. Trying to keep you up to date, ResumePlay has hunted for some information about this truly epic looking game.

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LJWooly3203d ago

I question how "epic" the game will really be given that it's a Wii exclusive, but... still looking forward to it, and it might be the first reason I've had in months to play my damn Wii.

mau643203d ago

I have high hopes for it but I've been let down again and again.

MostUnfurrowed3203d ago

Gah, on the Wii AND A Disney game? What's NOT to like ;)

Bagogames3202d ago

Isnt that rabbit from Alice In Wonderland in it?

Last game I saw a huge collection of disney character in one game was Kingdom Hearts which my gf adores and I personally think is pretty good (Aside the obvious fact that Sora & Riku are gay)