Gamer Limit: In Defence of Grand Theft Auto IV, Part One: My City Screams

Gamer Limit writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV's PS3 and Xbox 360 releases are, according to Gamerankings, the first and third best reviewed games of this console generation (with Super Mario Galaxy snuggled between their awkward percentage divide). The series has consistently rated well since the release of GTA III, which is often cited as one of the most successful transitions into 3-D any game franchise has ever made. GTA IV's leap wasn't as significant, but it was, the reviews argued, just as impressive."

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Nihilism3020d ago

there is no defense for gta iv, it will forever sit among the games that should not have been bought

DaReapa3019d ago

This had to have been one of the most overrated, if not THE most overrated, game ever.

glennc3019d ago

i don't know how many people i have said that exact thing to. i regreted it an hour after i bought it. lent it to my mate because i wasnt going to ever play it again and he gave it back the next day.

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Nihilism3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

There is no other game that i can say that from the moment i installed it i was disappointed, i KNEW as soon as the game started that it was crap. I got it on pc, and not only was the installation a piece of $#!+, (you have to be online to play it with a third party program...a single player game), but the graphics were TERRIBLE, the character models were ps2 era, even with everything absolutely cranked it looked like a ps2 game, and as to why it ran badly even though i have a good must be the worst multiplat of all time. The gameplay was weak, driving reeeeeeeally sucked, and they took all the fun elements from the previous game out, no stat leveling up and no car customisation in the same way as the last. sequels should not be downgrades. GTAIV= my last rockstar game, i will cherish the memories of gta III, vice city and san andreas, that will have to do me

EDIT: i just trasnfered all my games to a new hard drive, and i even installed games that i had a 1% chance of even playing ever again....but GTAIV is the only one i didn't bother to install, if only i had gone back to big w and tricked them into taking it back ( i did it with LOTR conquest.....also ps2 graphics and crap gameplay...i've wisened up though, demo's help, and "torrent renting" before i buy games

Keowrath3019d ago

I hated the game once I realised how lacking it was but I'm really pleased I bought it. Withought GTA4 I wouldn't of had enough cash for the trade-in I've just done to get Uncharted2. =)

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smooch_3573019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I've read countless opinions of people who have loved it and hated it. I didn't particularly care for it myself either...I had tow major gripes with the game, the physics and the story.

As for the game physics, I absolutely loved how they affected the outside world like the people and other cars in the city, but i hated how the in game physics held me back from playing the game how I liked. I never got used to the way the car you were driving always spun out of control when you tried to make turns too fast. Because of this, I never really played "all out" the way I did in the previous GTAs because i knew that if my warrant level got to high, I wouldn't be able to out run the police as easy I would have in a previous GTA. Also, I wouldn't start riots just for the heck of it anymore because I couldn't dodge cops and the FIB as I use to in the old GTAs, I remember in San Andres, I use to be able drive like across the whole map, making high speed turns, 180's while dodging through traffic and avoiding cops, while driving as fast as the car I was in would take me.I never did this in GTA IV....

As for the story, I didn't find it too engaging, I read the article for this post and couldn't remember half the stuff the author was refiring to, and definitely didn't remember feeling anything for anyone, (except for roman at the end). I barely remember any of the other characters names. To me, to many of the missions seemed like "filler missions", (like they use in anime cartoon shows)...and I'm not referring to playing darts, bowling, and going on dates that the game tried to make you do.....There so many characters, and so many missions that you had to do for those character, that in the end, didn't even advance the story. An example of this is how you met packie... I haven't played the game in while, but if i remember correctly, there was a group of people that you met and did missions for, that introduced you to him, and then once you stated doing missions for packie, you never heard from them again, I think one of them ended up becoming a contact in your cell phone, who wanted to hang out from time to time.