NPD U.S. September Console Charts Delayed To Monday

Gamasutra: NPD has delayed its September 2009 U.S. console retail charts from its regular Thursday release to Monday, October 19th, citing "last minute processing requirements" for the change.

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JOLLY13323d ago

I wonder what darkpower is going to do....

TOO PAWNED3323d ago

Probably MS payed to get delayed so they can pay to boost their numbers. Mark my words, people will praise PS3 numbers but 360 will be strangely close.

PS3 slim3323d ago

Or panic from Sony thinking they had the edge and cheated something some how. lol

Well that was a fun childish back and forth.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213323d ago

or maybe they are just overwhelmed with PS3's numbers and want to recount to make sure its correct

PS3 slim3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Or they were overwhelmed by the Wii's numbers or the 360 unexpected boost.

WenisWagon3323d ago

Sony must have paid them to delay it so they could think of some way how to spin their pathetic sales numbers.

darthv723323d ago

they are really going after every mom/pop game store for their numbers as well. Finally giving a full view of all stores who sell game related stuff for the month of september. Not just the big name ones.

If true...who do you think would want to go so deep to find out the totals: MS, Sony or Nintendo?

nbsmatambo3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

delayed becuz of the shear amount of Ps3's sold?

jk lol

they probably want to get Uncharted 2 #'s in

PS3 slim3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

No they're waiting for the highest bidder. MSFT is saying they will give a check to inflate the 360 numbers and Sony is saying they will give NPD a percentage of their electronic sales if NPD goes ahead and reports the shipped numbers as sales.

CadDad3323d ago

Hanging chads.

Had to be.


darthv723323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

they have old people in florida doing the counting and some have their hanging chads which could go for either side.

@caddad: you beat me to

CadDad3323d ago

Great minds think alike. Does that mean 'mediocre' and 'bad' minds also think alike?



JD_Shadow3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Nice to invoke my name into something that I didn't participate in when you posted it, Jolly.

Are you next going to say something about me in a topic I didn't even bring up on any forum, huh?

Oh wait, I forgot, you guy also invoke other names into conversations they never participate in, so why the f*ck not?

By the way, just play more Uncharted 2. Not so concerned about it to attack other members by name just because they decided to talk about it on a forum.

Marceles3323d ago

"NPD Delayed To Monday"
Next story: "MS Drops Xbox 360 Price to $99 w/Halo ODST Bundle For Weekend"
Monday: "Xbox 360 Dominates NPD sales, PS3 Still Doomed"

sremagrofswen3323d ago

Since Sony reports numbers sold to Customers why don't they just tell us?!?

BRG90003323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Oh man, it really shows the bias on this site when two trolls make equally absurd claims about MS and Sony rigging the numbers, and one poster gets an overwhelming majority agrees, and the other gets overwhelming disagrees.

ultimolu3323d ago

He was probably playing Uncharted 2.

What are you doing? Making trouble with what, three bubbles?

Grow up.

kws10653323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

My hypothesis postponing the numbers MS tries to get as many pre-orders as possible over weekend for FM3 so that it doesn't harm the sales of FM3. See if there will be any special offer for pre-ordering FM3 over this weekend.

Another way is more like a negative promotion, which postponing the numbers, MS tries to stop boosting up the sales of U2 over this weekend.

I know these hypotheses are crazy but again, this gen game industry is crazy, too.

gaffyh3323d ago

NOOOOO NPD is delayed, everyone go kill yourselves, we can't live on!!!

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ukilnme3323d ago

Awwww. I was really looking forward to the pointless sales arguments today.

jmare3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Wrong spot. Damn N4G.

Software_Lover3323d ago

No fanboy revolt/uprising for a few more days, LOL.

Who in the hell am I kidding. Every article is a chance for them to let loose.

PS3 slim3323d ago

A sign of competitive sales with atlesst a couple of platforms?

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