Which Windows 7 Version Should You Buy?

Techradar writes:

"Maybe you've tried out the beta or the RC for yourself. You know Windows 7 is worth getting – but which version of Windows 7 should you buy? Isn't it crazy how many different versions there are?

Actually no; this time around, the different versions make sense because each new version contains all the features of the versions beneath them, so there are no irritating tradeoffs."

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Major_Tom3319d ago

Preferably the free version that says google, but what can you do.

Darkeyes3319d ago

This is one major thing I love about Apple and the Mac OS... I don't have to be confused of what to get and how much to spend. There should be a one version policy for every OS (a server version is acceptable). Will probably pick up ultimate since i skipped Vista... Haven't upgraded for the past 7-8 years lol (apart from Service packs). But Win 7 seems solid enough.

kasasensei3319d ago

for me.
Time to say goodbye to XP. :)

3sq3319d ago

No thanks, XP is good enough for me.

Nihilism3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

you musn't play games on your pc then, dx9 was old when the ps3/360 came out, now dx11 is coming out, you'll need to upgrade sometime


@ Major_tom

i haven't even seen any dx screens yet, i thought tesselation was just a more effective way to render etc, aka dx11 is a faster miore efficient dx10...

Major_Tom3319d ago

Heh, not from the Dx11 comparison screens I've seen :P.

3sq3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I do play these games on my PC with XP occasionally.

Unreal Tournament 3
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect
Gears of War (But this crap stopped working so I thew it in the garbage can, LOL. That day I swore I'll not buy another product from MS)

So XP still works.

Nihilism3319d ago

i've never played gears but i know the reason it stopped working, there was a game glitch and the 'digital signature' of the game expired about a year ago making the game unplayable, they released a patch to fix it.....oops i guess. Well that's good that you still game on it, but considering xp doesn't have proper multi core support it would be wise to upgrade eventually if your serious about gaming

MEsoJD3319d ago

Trust me its a great operating system. Great performance!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.