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Submitted by mau64 2236d ago | article

Why I Want To Break My Favorite Game Everyday (ResumePlay)

Resumeplay writes: "I love online shooters. My personal favorite is Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That is until someone does something that I feel is against my "Man" code of ethics of video games.So here is my list of the top 5 reasons I want to break my disc every time I play." (Culture)

MostUnfurrowed  +   2236d ago
Haha, classic.
stoppre  +   2236d ago
Yeah....sometimes people online can really ruin an experience. But on the xbox side i think party chat has really put a dent in the haters for me anyways
mau64  +   2236d ago
Agree, I Love private chat
OhNoez  +   2236d ago
Private chat is great, PS3 is getting it too, thats good news.
There is nothing worst for me than hearing some spanish family yapping.

No offence, backround voices are always annoying no matter the language, but im gettin gmost frustrated with spanish backround voices+dogs barking+babies crying :).
EvilBlackCat  +   2236d ago
What kills the xboxlive experience is U.S. & U.K. racist ignorant gamers because when i play with people from Spain, Latin American, Japan, Germany, France, and a few others THEY ARE NOT B_TCHIN and annoying like U.S. & U.K. gamers. BUT YES! thank MS for Party Chat!
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Lich120  +   2236d ago
Yeah, these people really are the worst. The funny part is, just like in a mugging, if you humanize yourself about half the people will stop talking trash. I find in Gears (I play the first one) if Im not talking people will talk trash about me because I do quite well and that makes them angry so they say Im trash because "I only shotgun" or "Put the lancer down". The insults rarely make sense but if I just hop on and say "Guys, Im not talking trash, just take it easy" Then lots of times people will feel bad and cut it out. Thats for the non-teens though.

Also, Im hoping they put some region filters up on Uncharted 2. I hadn't played much PS3 online before uncharted 2 and now that I am, Im finding I play with tons of Spanish and French speaking people. Nothing against them, but it does detract from the game when it's laggy and I hear incessant talking that I can't understand.
Serial_EDX  +   2236d ago
Party chat is great......sometimes.

Really sucks when your playing Halo or CoD, and you notice that 1-3 of your teammates are in party chat and so is the other team. Then you get in and the other team knows right were you are all the time, and your team mates have 20 deaths and no kills, or they just start following you and you get double teamed while they just stand there and don't die.

That kind of killed both of those games for me in team modes.
Darkstorn  +   2236d ago
Delinquent preteens mouthing off of to their poor mothers - the true Xbox Live experience.
kalikid714  +   2236d ago
THE MOST annoying word on the internet is when random people start calling other random people niggers... and then when there is a black guy they swarm him when he tries to defend himself... I'll usually tell them to shut up but that just fuels the fire so I end up just muting them... I'm Mexican and I gotta admit that some of my fellow hispanic people's accents can get REALLY annoying so I just mute them... no need for insults I'm sure they have it hard enough already...
Baross2025  +   2236d ago
I want to break my mouse all the time because of online games (hackers)
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Serial_EDX  +   2236d ago
I hate those people who deny they have a aimbot. XD

I'm spawning then killed from there base. >.< yea no aimbot at all.
kalikid714  +   2236d ago
pc games
that's the reason I can't play pc games anymore... I LOVED Counter Strike and Day of Defeat but now that online gaming has progressed on consoles... I'll stick to that.. and I hope that PS3 remains hack free!!
Alcon Caper  +   2236d ago
never heard these:

BK = Bad Kid
Scrandom = Scrubby Random
Random = Unknown Player
Garbo = Garbage or Trash
Terribad = Terrible and Bad
OhNoez  +   2236d ago
I use 'random' all the time, but never heard all the rest, i dont play a lot on 360 though
CheatsMcGee  +   2236d ago
Dude, I can get completely behind that. Even MMOs can be just as bad.

And I've heard "Random" but none of the others. However I haven't played much live.
Bagogames  +   2236d ago
Call Of Duty 4
Back when i played it steady on PS3 few people had mics so i never had those problems. But with the rise in mics the rise in assholes. Ex, UC2 beta a group of americans all ranked 40-56 and partied up was against me & my three mates (20,20,56,57) & two noobs who left. They won, but refused to score the final plunder and proceededto keep playing. At the end they said stuff like "you dont represent your rank", "get good noob", "you dont represent dawg" in really annoying whiny little voices like they where trying to be 50 Cent. Those 6 summed up the minority of americans who actually are stupid **tards. Most are actually decent beings, but the few I ever run into that are annoying are always American. Course with a population so big, you're always going to have the assholes.
XsteveJ  +   2236d ago
Yea, dealing with people like that sucks. They just suck the fun out for everybody.

I also like how you made sure to say "a minority of Americans." I'm from the USA, and it reaaallyy bugs me when I hear all this anti-American talk. I just wanna yell "It's not all of us!"

Thanks for recognizing that.
Cordell Walker  +   2236d ago
I remember that round...
Yeah, those were right morons in that game.

Thank the lord for the mute all button, its now my saviour from these ignorants :)
djfullshred  +   2236d ago
Sounds like junior high school.
Vortex3D  +   2236d ago
Sometimes, you have to mute the voice from other online players. You still get stupid messages sent to you. On PS3, because there's no preferred player rating (the 5 stars rating on X360 Live), those kind of players can't give you bad rating because they think you sucked.
Timesplitter14  +   2236d ago
I wanna break my games when I see all the stupid immature kids that play them
I Play Xbox   2236d ago | Spam
Schobeleth  +   2236d ago
This is why I don't play the CoD series.
I've played it before online and I didn't enjoy it at all. Also, you can disagree with me or agree but I've seen a more adult and level headed community in online shooters on the PS3 as compared to the 360. Maybe more adults have PS3s? I dunno.

I still experience crap on other shooters but it's nothing compared to the CoD franchise which is arguably the most popular shooter franchise but it's filled with a huge amount of insane morons who flex their e-peens constantly while hiding behind their online handles.

It's a different story when you're yelling into a headset, try yelling at the same person in real life? Yeah, I didn't think so.
N2NOther  +   2236d ago
If I was next to someone who was playing like a moron in a game of COD 4 and they were on my team I would say everything I would say on Live to that person's face. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not into talking trash merely because I'm "safe" in my own space.
N2NOther  +   2236d ago
I've heard all of those before. Usually directed from one of my friends at someone else. "Random" is a good qualifier for that one person who is on our team who has no clue how to play the game.

For instance, while playing Domination on Ambush some random went ahead and captured the enemy flag causing the enemy to spawn behind us. We killed them and sent them back to their flag and we told the kid not to cap the C flag. He then said "Why? Because I could capture it and none of you could?" To which I responded, "No. Because it keeps the enemy spawning on that side of the made so we can contain them". I think random is a pretty good, non-derogatory name for that person. "Idiot" would be offense, apt, but offensive.

As for being told you're garbage? Well, that usually happens when you are.
GameOn  +   2236d ago
I refer to people I don't know online as "randoms", It's not offensive or meant to point out flaws in their game.
Dampsack  +   2236d ago
I could give two craps about mom hacks/jokes. Anyone who uses or is actually fazed by these sad and lackluster attempts is a definite loser anyway. Truly weak and pathetic. Get creative for christ sakes!

Im sure there are a million annoyances but he forgot to add:

The little wanna-be tough guy gansta, sitting in mommy's basement eating pudding cups, who places his head-set next to some crackly speaker producing garbled sh!tty rap...and leaves it there...cause he needs to show everyone how FVCKING COOL and gansta he is. Oh if I could only get my hands on one of these little sh!ts, eventually all would fear their own bitter end by my hands.

The endless racist banter from kids too young, or grown idiots, too incompetent to actually apply it properly. At least study up to know better, and keep your terms applicable to the proper race your mouth is defecating on.
My favorite from some kid.."Your a F'ing Gay N**ger Jew!"

Why does it always seem to be some smart-assed, sh!t-mouthed AMERICAN at the end of all this stuff? If my kid said those things to me his box would be smashed then and there. With ignorant trash people like this its little wonder the world opinion of the u.s.a. sucks and will continue to suck. Just goes to show that people are sh!t.
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Quadrix  +   2236d ago
And this is why XBL is overrated.
The Iron Sheik  +   2236d ago
Sounds like a problem with XBL and not COD4. He should switch to PS3. I'm not saying that none of that stuff happens on PSN but there is a lot less of it.

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