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Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves is without a doubt the most stunning game yet to grace any console. It has surpassed any game in terms of presentation and storytelling and has hopefully set a new standard in this area for others to follow. Anyone who owns a Playstation 3 must own this game because it's an experience not to be missed.

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popup3022d ago

In the UK, I have no way of getting this at midnight so I must wait another 12 hours till I can pick it up :(

Karlnag33022d ago

I finished mine today and I live in the UK. I got it two days early because I pre-ordered from game online. The game is incredible!

Article related: Why do they keep writing "Amongst" it's Among... AMONG it says it on the darn box of which there is a picture on this very webpage. Get it right you fools.

AK463022d ago

lol graphics 9.9 ha ha ha! I wander why they didn't give it a 10, mabye there wasn't enough detail in his shoe-lace. Oh well, good review.

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