EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #62

GrE writes, "Long time no see! A lot of news has happen since we last spoke. There has been some pretty important things such as evil bastards who light people on fire, Guitar Hero 5 is raking it in, your chance to get in on Twitter on your Xbox 360, and rumors of cross game chat FINALLY coming to the PlayStation 3! Be sure not to miss it…..."

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bgrundman3346d ago

Yay for short podcasts!

roblef3346d ago

Yay for QUALITY podcasts!

wondroushippo3346d ago

Still a huge fan of this podcast, always glad to see a new entry!

bgrundman3346d ago

It seems to be pretty solid.

roblef3346d ago

Great 'cast. Well announced and high quality!