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GrE writes, "Not sure why but I have been on a kick recently of getting games of the "seek and find" variety. 5 Spots Party, a Wiiware game from Cosmonaut games, is the most recent of that type to cross my path. My wife and I really do love playing these games so I figured what the hell, why not tackle another.

This type of game is really one of the most basic things you can play on the Wii, or any other system for that matter. It's hard to make it exciting to all audiences, and to be quite honest nothing that would require the "Party" moniker..."

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bgrundman3287d ago

Yay for matching games... I guess :-S

wondroushippo3287d ago

Clearly, it's not a party until there's at least 6, maybe 7 spots.

roblef3287d ago


roblef3287d ago

Different strokes for different spokes. Or fokes. or whatevs.

Haly3287d ago

Sounds ok to me, decent fodder for the casual gamer.

CanadianDana3286d ago

I have a soft spot for super casual games. I might have to take a look at this one.