Ratchet & Clank : The Most Replayed Gaming Series

Ratchet & Clank a Crack in Time having just gone gold, is now one of the most replayed games created. And in the latest trailer some of insomniacs employees explain why A Crack in time will continue the trend, while encouraging you to play this version of the series twice as much.

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RememberThe3573321d ago

The games are freakin great!

Tinted Eyes3321d ago

So glad challenge mode is back.

Ninjamonkey3321d ago

That sounded brilliant =D

I completed ToD 3 times but it looks like I'll be going through this one so many more times.

Lucreto3321d ago

If they release a trophy patch for the last game would increase the amount of people replaying.

LiquifiedArt3321d ago

I still want a trophy patch for the old game. It feels likes its a broken next-gen franchise, since this game has trophies adn the first does not.

It bothers me.

LiquifiedArt3321d ago

..after I'm done with demon's souls.