Game Podunk Review - LAIR: Blazing Flight or Crash and Burn

When Lair was first released, gamers bemoaned the poor Sixaxis controls. However, now that a patch is available (which supposedly remedies these problems), is the game worth picking up after all? TYLERxDURDEN gives his take.

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Ninjamonkey3348d ago

hmm ts pretty cheap at the moment I might give it a go...

rrquinta3348d ago

Yeah, apparently the patch really makes the game a lot better. I might have to try it myself as well.

xabmol3348d ago

The sixaxis controls are great! I don't understand the big fuss about 'em. Probably just some people early this gen with a grudge aganst motion controls. ...I dunno. I really enjoyed them. Guess I'm the only one.

gauntletpython3348d ago

Lair.... what a waste. Such good conceptual stuff and production values in there.

TheLiztress3348d ago

I'm thinking of adding it to my Gamefly queue so I can give it a shot.

xabmol3348d ago

Firtst game GF sent me. And the first time I realised that game reviews can be WAY off from my personal opinion.

Alcohog3348d ago

I liked it, personally. I was a fan of the Rogue Squadron series though despite its issues. Lair still looks freaking awesome by today's standards when you are on the ground thrashing troops, man it looks cool.

Schobeleth3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

Aside from the small problems like the six axis controls (which weren't even that bad IMO, the sheer scale of the game made locking on a bit harder), once you switch analog stick controls it's a very great game in my opinion.

If you're a fan of dragons or flight sims and want to try something new, get this game (it's usually cheap) as it's a great buy. They should have offered the option to switch to analog stick controls when it launched and I think it would've fared a lot better despite smaller issues mentioned in that review.