Apple takes on Microsoft's Zune with FM Radio iPhone app

Apple is reportedly developing an in-house radio application for the iPhone and iPod touch. According to 9to5mac, the nascent app will be capable of functioning "in the background" and is likely to offer the "same functionality" as the Nano FM radio.

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Major_Tom3193d ago

Lol, no it isn't but whatever you wanna think.

Bzone243193d ago

"Lol, no it isn't but whatever you wanna think."

So their opinion is wrong and yours is right? I know everything Microsoft sucks in your eyes, but some people do like their products.

Major_Tom3193d ago

I'm not saying it's my opinion versus theirs, I'm stating fact versus fiction.

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Kalowest3193d ago

The ZuneHD has HDradio, not plain FMradio

Kyur4ThePain3193d ago

Yeah, and HD radio sounds so good through a set of tiny earphones.