Ubisoft Anounces : Beowulf

Beowolf film of Robert Zemeckis will be adapted on PlayStation 3 by the developers of UbiSoft.

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Dlacy13g4200d ago

I honestly know nothing of this movie and/or story so its a little hard to get excited over this. My question is ...well is this a direct movie tie in game? Or is it just a game based off the movie? Ok one more... what the hell is Beowulf about anyway? LOL

techie4200d ago

Uh you can watch a trailer of it at IGN. Beowulf is one of the oldest stories around. Gewain and the green knight

lil bush4200d ago

man, it looked like a porno flick............

PS360WII4200d ago

It's pretty good I think. Will be intresting to see what they do with it. Fighting that crazy monster will be pretty cool. Getting drunk with all the solders too. Ha good stuff.

So uhhh what's with the pic though?

The movie for this is a Christopher Lambert movie, and it's not that good of a movie to be even called B grade... but I still watched it! Come on it's Highlander guy!

_insane_cobra4200d ago

So Ubisoft's PS3 exclusive is a movie game? Could be good, I guess.

FordGTGuy4200d ago

Is a famous ancient story not a movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.