Eurogamer: Modern Warfare 2 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Pleasant surprise: Modern Warfare 2 makes a pretty decent arcade racer. That's what it feels like anyway, when you're blasting through the tundra on a jouncing skidoo, driven on by the constant barrage of time extends as you zip past one checkpoint after another, with the cartoony three-tone starting buzzer still sounding in your ears. There are jumps to chain together, a racing line to unearth, and trees to dodge as you rush towards the finish flag, and when the camera shakes and the audio roars, it's all pretty exciting stuff."

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FrankDrebin2982d ago

I tried to read this and I tell ya....Some pretty terrible writing!
WTF is this guy talking about?

This isn't a review but a smorgasbord of rambling crap!
Good work if that was your intention!

Blaster_Master2982d ago

Yeah that was some terrible writing.

Killzonegamer842982d ago

I couldnt finish it, extremely bad writing.

mrv3212981d ago

That's probably the longest Eurogamer has ever held my attnetion.

Usually it's just fanbouism and lies now it's just pance on head stupid

'Pleasant surprise: Modern Warfare 2 makes a pretty decent arcade racer'

Arcade racer?

Blaster_Master2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yeah, the guy said it was a decent arcade racer. What was their Motorstorm Pacific Rift score again? A 7 outa 10?! Yo these dudes must be on some good drugs over there. LOL!

Ghidora2981d ago

Looks like a whole lot of fun, but for me it's just to tide me over until Battlefield Bad Company 2 next year for my PC. When that one drops, there will be much rejoicing.

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