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Assassin's Creed teaser trailer from Ubi Days

Xboxyde reports:
"Hey everyone, we are writing this directly from the Ubi Days show, and we want to share with you this awesome teaser (100% realtime) of Assassin's Creed Ubisoft show us a few minutes ago. Sorry in advance about the rather bad quality of the image and sound, we did what we could with the very bad screen." (Assassin's Creed, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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sticky doja  +   2674d ago
This game is so gonna pwn all!
Siesser  +   2674d ago
Amazing. Still the next-gen game I'm most excited about. This and Uncharted are bringing what I consider the biggest upgrade this generation; not graphics, but animation. Movement. Physics. Interaction. That's next gen. Can't wait to play it.

Also wish Quantic Dreams would drop a little info on Heavy Rain
lil bush  +   2674d ago
looks fantastic..........
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   2674d ago
HOLY SNIKES..............
That was AMAZING! Limited Edition, YES please. [:~)>
PS360WII  +   2674d ago
Looking forward to this finally being released! Looking forward to sword fights and silent kills
Weed  +   2674d ago
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JIN KAZAMA  +   2674d ago
why is everyone so hyped up
about a slow motion cgi movie that they just showed.

Edit: Deep, I am looking at the same trailer as you, its a slow mo cgi movie. It certainly isnt gameplay dude, come on.

AngryHippo: I hope it is going to be amazing. But to say that games now look just as good as their CGI trailer, or even realtime tech demo's is just not right. Maybe in the future, games will get really close to their CGI counterparts, but this clip, as they are showing it, is nothing of gameplay. Its just a CGI, trailer. Anyways, the jury is still out on this one for me. I need to see some more gameplay or a possible demo.
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Saint Sony  +   2674d ago
I guess you think all the slow motion for example in Max Payne while shooting and using bullet time was pre-rendered? Heh.
Weed  +   2674d ago
I have no idea how you can mistake that for CGI
techie  +   2674d ago
Because it's not cgi Jin.

people throw around "CGI" like noones business. Every game is computer generated. The trailer may well have had its lighting touched up....but after watching gameplay videos of AC...this is not beyond what has already been seen. In fact it looks EXACTLY the same in graphical quality, excpet for the differing lighting. Plus other games already look just as good as this...so I don't know why you think this isn't realtime Jin..
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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   2674d ago
? why ?. =B
AngryHippo  +   2674d ago
dude...it looks amazing, the game will probably look this good, its real time footage, and its getting a lot of hype because it is one of most visually impressive games in existence right now and deserves to get the hype. This game will be amazing on both the ps3 and 360
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2674d ago
This game is evil bliss.
CrazzyMan  +   2674d ago
Isn`t AC use same engine as SC:C ? =)
just looks a lot same..
those trees and lightning..
if it`s true, then i don`t see a problem SC:C coming to ps3. =))

anyway, looks pretty good, but video quality sux..
http://images.xboxyde.com/g... - this looks pathetic..
assjacket  +   2674d ago
Ubi already said SC:C is exclusive to 360.
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   2674d ago
It's amazing! I like the way the fight is animated, you can feel the weight of their weapons. Not like that Beowulf mocap guy with a featherweight sword, yuck.
But is that the music from the game or just for the trailer? I hope they go with normal music, not that pop-teenage-rock-funkyshmunky- whatever sh**. (normal=symphonic orchestra)
Dr Pepper  +   2674d ago
This and Conviction should satisfy my need for intense stealth action games

I highly doubt (99.99%) that is the actual music from the game. After all, Mad World wasn't in Gears of War.
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Figboy  +   2674d ago
can't wait
ever since i first saw this game, and learned that the Prince of Persia team was behind it, i was hyped, no media hype necessary.

this game is certainly going in my collection.

what's even more exciting, is that the game launches in August, and Ubisoft said that there would be a demo released before the game launches, though they didn't say what format the demo would take.

i think it's a no brainer that we'll see a PC, PSN, and X Box Live demo in the next few weeks/months. i'm sure sometime in July, after the mini-E3, when hype is always at fever pitch.
VirtualGamer  +   2674d ago
Here is a better version from Gametrailers.

Balance  +   2674d ago
i am so excited for the game but ubisoft please please don't screw up the controls/gameplay. i don't want a game where i run around and just hit the X button to kill give us something legendary in terms of control over a sword.
DirtyRat  +   2673d ago
This is not CGI it is actual gameplay according to CVG

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