Xbox 360 game prices jump with add-ons

LOS ANGELES, May 22 (Reuters) - New charges for online extras are sharply raising the price serious video gamers pay for Xbox 360 games, a profitable move by Microsoft Corp, but one that could alienate some fans. With more than 6 million users, Microsoft's Xbox Live online network has become the key feature distinguishing the Xbox 360 from rival Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii.

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WilliamRLBaker4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

It might alienate people if they dont wanna pay? of course thats the way its all ways been, It will be that way with every other service Wii and ps3 included.

If a company really dosn't wanna charge for DLC then they need to hold to there guns, because microsoft isn't gonna force them if they dont really want too, Epic can whine all they want, but if they had stuck to their guns of free DLC then it would have been free, They're the ones that comprimised by dictating that it would be free after 2 months.

Edit: I am perfectly willing to spend some money on well put together maps, If they suck? then i dont pay, so far all the maps i've seen released have been of great quality so i paid the price.

sticky doja4198d ago

The map packs I have bought I have felt have been worth it. But then again PC users have been given so many freebies it really is frustrating knowing that not only do we have to pay extra for the game itself, but we also have to pay monthly to play and extra for anything new that comes out (most of the time.)

One day someone will come out and say we will be free! And that is when their software sales go through the roof, with customers knowing that they will get more love well after the initial $60.00 spent without having to fork over that extra money to continue online play.

I think also microsoft should have a time limit, say after a max of 9 months whatever extra content comes out for games will be free from then on, similar to Halo 2 and Gears. I mean who is gonna buy a year old game with online multiplayer knowing they are gonna have to buy an extra $20 worth of DLC before they can play said game online?

GameJunkieJim4198d ago

I don't buy what I don't want.

Kinda the whole premise for the 360.

Don't need an HDMI port, so I don't have one.
Needed more HD space so I got a 120 GB.
It's made for me.

drtysouf214198d ago

hdmi because you might want/need it one day.

drtysouf214198d ago

want the price of the Elite to go down.