IncGamers - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review [360]

Spanner Spencer is back, and he's got his super hero team ready to look at the latest iteration of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. So his thoughts:

"The sequel follows a very similar pattern, throwing together a small collective of characters from within the Marvel universe in an effort to capitalise on as many beloved licenses as possible. This time, however, the RPG elements are actually noticeable, and the storyline is as worthy as anything Marvel turned out during the 90s. Admittedly that's not great, but it still punches most contemporary game's storylines into custard."

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Fyzzu3052d ago

Sounds interesting, but not enough to be worth a purchase just yet. Too much else out there.

Leord3052d ago

Then you fail at being a comic book fan :P

Gobot3052d ago

He never said he was a comic book fan... I'll be getting this when it's $14.99

Cogo3052d ago

I think some reviewers have a little bit too high hopes on story line in some cases. I think it seems brilliant.

OTOH, I love comic book heroes, so :P

Maticus3052d ago

Might actually give this one a go

Cogo3052d ago

What? Despite Fyzzu's words of warning? :)

Malfurion3052d ago

I've ordered this, can't wait to get my hands on it.

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