Rare doesn't know why Donkey Kong 64 isn't out on the Wii VC yet

In the latest Scribes mailbag update from Rare, the lack of Donkey Kong 64 on the Virtual Console was addressed.

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Valay3267d ago

Nintendo really needs to put the game out on the VC. Remember, this game has the DK Rap in it!

Natsu X FairyTail3267d ago

lmao , yeah the opening! the game is so good man. Mario , Donkey kong ,Banjo . Good ol 64

militant073267d ago

didnt own N64,

but loved Banjo Kazooie on XBOXLIVE Arcade, its really awsome.

N4G king3267d ago

because that game sucks

phosphor1123267d ago

That game sucked compared to the rest of the series.

whothedog3267d ago

yeah that game did suck, fun for like 1hr. Wasn't it huge too and needed that bigger mem card or whatever?

DK series on SNES is classic though.

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koehler833267d ago

Are any RARE games out on VC?

Cheeseknight283267d ago

Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 were all made by Rare and are on the VC.

ChickeyCantor3266d ago

Yes Rare made those but, it is still property of the wait for DK64 is strange.

Halo3 MLG Pro3267d ago

Rare!!! Where is my Killer Instinct?

maawdawg3267d ago

Yeah, I would love to see a new KI or even KI gold or KI2 on some kind of download. Since MS owns rare now I always have hope that they will put it out on XBLA. Probably wishful thinking though.

Freak of Nature3267d ago

KI along with Conker,Kameo 2,PD2 anything involving Banjo are all in line behind Rares new sweetheart Natal and casual gaming....

I just hope for something from them by next year that does not have the word casual in it.

Could they actually have some of that old 90's magic in them still?I hope so. DK on HD consoles would be something to see,provided they look to innovate and be creative,and bring back some of that old Rare style and charm...Something quirky and stylish,with a fresh new game mechanic...

Oh well,still have some hope...

tweet753267d ago

Nintendo releases key games at landmarks like the 200th which was majoras mask. Maybe it will be released as the 500th game. Would also love to see Conkers bad fur day released on VC.

Venox20083267d ago

I would like to see on VC: Killer instinct, Conker, DK 64, Banjoes.... :) please!!! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.