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Insomniac: Naughty Dog Raised the Bar for Game Development

Developers really respect each other for their contributions to the industry. Whether they revolutionize online gaming, the control pad, graphics engines, or just gameplay, they all honor each other when a comrade puts out a game that pushes the industry forward. Insomniac recently showed their appreciation for Naughty Dog's contribution to the industry with the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. (Culture, Industry, PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

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James Bond  +   2117d ago
Hell yeah. Naughty Dog and Insomniac together again this year. Both releasing AAAA titles while 360 has..... a couple expansions and a glitchy racing game.
Darkeyes  +   2117d ago
Ya they did.. UC2 best game this gen whoohoo.. Maybe something Turn 10 could learn a thing or 2 from these guys.
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2117d ago
Clap clap clap Naughty dog. Now I just need to get the damn game.

sikbeta  +   2117d ago
Respect and congrats, why is so difficult for the M$ crew
Marceles  +   2117d ago
Yeah, at least definitely for PS3 development. Lets see how much crappy rushed development gets a pass. We're still in the days of a PS3 game dropping to 59FPS is considered unplayable and a flop to reviewers while other games get, "It's a flawed game but...it's fun! A flawed gem! 11/10!".

Naughty Dog has done a truly amazing thing with Uncharted 2. The game is so good that absolutely no one can say anything but great things about it, and anyone else trying to say something else are reaching as much as they can to hate the game. But you can't, that's how great the game is.
FlatulentGhost  +   2117d ago
"Yeah, at least definitely for PS3 development. Lets see how much crappy rushed development gets a pass. We're still in the days of a PS3 game dropping to 59FPS is considered unplayable and a flop to reviewers while other games get, "It's a flawed game but...it's fun! A flawed gem! 11/10!". "

Yes. One just has to look at the infamous Dan Hsu Gears of War 'review':

Megaton  +   2117d ago
It's so true. When the dust settles, Uncharted 2 will probably land in my top 5 of all time, spanning about 21 years of gaming.
droid and bot  +   2116d ago
damn right insomniac
i hope R3 looks as good as uncharted2
or at least killzone2

it well look very good anyway
somerandomdude  +   2116d ago
Very true, and that's why both Naughty Dog and Insomniac are going to make more money off sales than turn 10 will these year.
Danja  +   2116d ago
Here's to hoping ...R3 will raise the bar graphically , R2 wasn't that good on the eyes ....

Maybe the can use the Naughty Dog 2.0 engine .. XD
Syronicus  +   2116d ago
The Book Nazi says...
Well done Naughty Dog. You deserve our thanks and admiration for your efforts to raise the bar and show the many lazy 3rd party devs out there that the PS3 is the only place where you can truly show the highest artistic quality of games. Kudos!

*golf clap*
Ju  +   2116d ago
Here's the thing. Please, Insomniac, re-evolve R3 back to the roots, take example in UC and make it a very strongly story driven action shooter then what you tried to do with R2 - which became a generic FPS.

And then, consider your own strength as shown in R&C (with its phenomenal art style and crisp clear visual and polish), "steal" the one or other thing from Naughty Dog and Guerilla and make a new game.

(I know you will)

Thank you
Prototype  +   2116d ago
And tomorrow I'll get to see what was raised...

Speaking of which, one of my boys told me when that one chick talks he gets a raise...
house  +   2116d ago
unchared 2
will be know as the game that opened the door to playing a movie this isn't a video game (well it is). more like a movie game just mind blowing. the bar has been set way high and i hope other teams take it as a challenge and make more mind blowing games great job n.d
zeeshan  +   2117d ago
Lol... I so called this a couple of hours ago :)

milked2themax  +   2117d ago
Darn right they did.
And that's coming from a major developer. Here's to hoping the next Resistance is half of what Uncharted 2 is
raztad  +   2116d ago
You dont need to wait for R3. In few days R&C:ACiT will be released. And yes game is looking incredible (in a Pixar way).

That said UC2 is raising the bar but other first party/second party are pushing the envelope as well. Technically UC2 will be topped but my question is Will the cinematic gameplay in UC2 be topped?
QuackPot  +   2116d ago
Insomniac could do so much better...
with R3.

But Insomniac confuses me at times.

With their excellent narration, story telling and memorable characters in the R&C series, why the frack did they set Resistance in a 1950's alternative world, with boring or no narration, and Hale who?

Resistance would have been so much better set in modern times, charismatic lead and supporting characters and an appropriate and slick narration. I mean, they made the excellent R&C series and must have played the Halo series and CoD4. Sheez, R1/2 would have been mindblowing had they taken the best from Halo and CoD4, or even GeoW, Warhawk and R6 - copy, modify, adapt & improve.

Insomniac easily has the ability to do what ND has done with UC2 - let alone Epic, Bungie and IW have done with their games.

The questions are will they do it and why haven't they done it already?
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Ju  +   2116d ago
IMO, they went to far into the "Horror" shooter genre with R2. Maybe there is a market, but its not mainstream. They should have tried to get it "T" acceptable (like WTH is Halo M rated ?). But I can't allow my kids play R2 - without that you loose out a whole market segment.

R1 had a great story. A story which could have evolved to something bigger. But somehow they screwed that up. Why kill Nathan ? Make it the hero. Games work best if people can identify one character carrying the story (btw same mistake Guerrilla makes with KZ).

And I would have hoped they would added more puzzle or action elements in R2. Instead they took most of the unique game play features of R1 away and made the whole gameplay generic.

Engine wise the game made a leap forward. But it was far less polished then the first one (at the time) and the other R&C games.

I am still eager to see R3. Hopefully in a way how I remember the first game. With the visuals matching KZ2 and UC2. I know Insomniac can do it. They started the first exclusive engine "revolution", they can evolve into one of the best again.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2117d ago
Examiner is a PS3 dedicated site?
Sevir04  +   2117d ago
Dude last year we were saying insmniac is the best developer, this year it's ND.. to be totally honest, i think these 2 developers, 1 being owned b...
are the 2 best in suony's umbrella and amongst the top 5 developers of all time.. These 2 Dev studios just make magic happen and they contribute to the gaming industry in ways like no other.. and bungie has also found new love from me, and infinityWard, those guys have always been the shiz!!! so here's to a circle of the most powerful and most influencial devlopers in the gaming industry.
YogiBear  +   2116d ago
They have also had a healthy competition with each other since the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games.
soljah  +   2116d ago
i can almost guarantee that come march there will be alot of discussion that santa monica studio's is the best Sony developer of this generation
house  +   2116d ago
i can only hope
that sony buys Insomniac it would only make sense
theEnemy  +   2117d ago
No words needed.

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Chris Hansen  +   2117d ago
Nothing but RESPECT from PlayStation developers. Can't say the same about the "other" developers.
theDutchFella  +   2117d ago
seriously. just Turned 10 Studios and many other devs can learn something from these guys.
Jeff257  +   2117d ago
Both studios have done a lot for gaming since they really hit their stride on the PS1. Its great to see them now still pushing gaming further. These 2 studios along with the others Sony has is what will really push the PS3 out there. They just make amazing games you have to play. And the only place to do it is on the PS3.
George Sears  +   2117d ago
Respectful competition is what really brings the best of people. Now Insomniac is going to step there game up and show ND what they can do. I do give props for Insomniac though. They have consistently been given great sequels to established franchises year after year.
xoxideu  +   2117d ago
ND raises the bar..
While xbox and Turn 10 flops the bar even lower..
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Why Dat  +   2117d ago
Naughty Dog + Insomniac +Santa Monica Studios +Guerrilla Games + Media Molecule + Polyphony = EPIC WIN for Sony!
Chris Hansen  +   2116d ago
You left out Team ICO...Shame on you
Nuckles  +   2117d ago
Yes the H*LL they DID
I just beat the game and it is the greatest game i have ever played.
FantasyStar  +   2117d ago
Mmmm....I think it's too soon to say. Especially with such a simple "one-liner" that can be manipulated to mean many things. Praise from Insomniac means little, especially after Resistance 2.

Now if the praise came from Guerrilla Games or any competing 3rd Party like Epic Games, then you know ND did well and then some.
theDutchFella  +   2117d ago
"Praise from Insomniac means little" WRONG

actually it's probably one of the best compliments a developer can get.
cmrbe  +   2117d ago
Your opinion
but I.G is one of the best at what they do. Any compliment from them is big.
Ju  +   2116d ago
Hey, give IG some credit. They were pioneers on the PS3. Its actually their fault that I even play FPS in the first place (never got into that on other platforms, but R1 converted me).

They were the first one diving into CELL development, exploring the SPUs, having the guts exploring the HW. A lot they did is the basis what others do today. I think they deserve some respect on their own, too.
Saaking  +   2117d ago
You're up Insomniac. I'm sure R&C will be epic.
cmrbe  +   2116d ago
You can bet your ass that I.G
will pull out all the stops with R3. This time next year people will be all going goo goo gaga over R3 and I.G.

For some reason i feel like I.G are really going to blow everyone away in 2010 or early 2011 with R3. It seems like RC ACIT is quite low profile as most of I.G's attention has already been focused on R3.

With the success that ND now has with U2. I am sure this will make I.G work even more harder and the great thing is ND,GG,SM etc will all be helping them out.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2116d ago
how soon we forget
Insomniac was the first to help all Sony parties in understanding the PS3, but now they need Naughty Dog's help?
cmrbe  +   2116d ago
Forget what?.
RC ACIT will be my 4th I.G game this gen. They are a top dev. I don't get what you are trying to say.

You don't get it. All of them help each other out. Is this a bad thing to you?. ND and SM helped out GG and it resulted with a great game in KZ2.

You are crazy if you think that PS fans forget what I.G has done for us this gen in particular.

Dosen't ND deserve the praises its getting from us PS fans?. Why do you think that praising one sony dev means that we think lowly of another?. You are weird.
Ju  +   2116d ago
I think RC ACIT is underrated (under-appreciated if you will). The videos I saw (maybe touched up) could be a trailer for a HD movie on CN. It is the next on my list after UC2 and I am sure it'll blow people away again. (IG stronghold was always the particle engine, in ACIT that thing just looks incredible). - damn, why did I order from Amazon. The wait's killing me...oh remeber, it was 3 bucks cheaper...
OGharryjoysticks  +   2116d ago
Wasn't too long ago when every Sony fanboy here at N4G had to bring Insomniac up when the discussion was about programming on the PS3. Now they all have switched Insomniac with Naughty Dog - but the attention will be short lived when God of War 3 and Heavy Rain is released. Then GT5 will release and everybody will cream over that, but the lust continues...

Anyway, yeah...Naughty Dog rocked it. They showed Epic games how to make the best 3rd person shooter multiplayer game.
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Ju  +   2116d ago
Isn't that a good thing ? They keep pushing each other, and helping each other. Makes for some great games for us gamers.
ps3run_IT  +   2116d ago
they have set the bar higher
but as far as graphics go killzone 2 has the crown.u2 looks amazing but killzone 2 looks better!! i have both games.
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cmrbe  +   2116d ago
Matter of opinion
KZ2 went for the realistic gritty and dark visuals. U2 is the opposite.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2116d ago
Most other games pale in comparison at this point. This single game should really help future developers learn how to include lots of quality content on release, rather than just releasing garbage DLC over time (cough cough MW2).
dagreylion  +   2116d ago
With Sony's first party exclusives all raising the bar this year and next, we shouldn't be hearing any excuses, about bad games from 3rd party, and multi-platform games. RIGHT!!!!!
IRetrouk  +   2116d ago
we shouldnt, but we will.
CrippleH  +   2116d ago
I'm sorry Insomniac I don't have the money for this game atm.
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xg-ei8ht  +   2116d ago
I think insomniac could have more texture throughput in their engine.

And i'm hoping their next line of games will.
Killz79  +   2116d ago
Picked this game up yesterday,I word WOW..believe the HYPE......
R4mpage  +   2116d ago
Naughty Dog has gained respect from devs all over the world, pretty awesome.
user858621  +   2116d ago
hopefully insomniacs new IP raises the bar even further :D

we get GAMES whilst bots get halo
RAVEN81  +   2116d ago
you got that right.....
here the thing is that INSOMNIAC and NAUGHTY DOG are two of the best dev.
N2NOther  +   2116d ago
Good. Now put those lessons to use in your next Resistance game. I found both to be pretty boring and I love FPS a lot.

Now Ratchet and Clank? That's another thing altogether. Can't wait for the new one.
Picnic  +   2116d ago
Let's not go overboard with how much 'praise' one person from Insomniac has given Naughty Dog. They began with 'We’re not jealous of the Dogs at all', which you could read as meaning that they think they'd be capable of exactly the same thing. It wasn't exactly War & Peace in terms of length was it? Comments from studios rarely are - it's the user reviews that tend to give the most insight in to what makes a game special. And I don't get the huge praise for Ratchet and Clank - Tools of destruction- to me, to make a great platformer you don't overcomplicate things. You don't introduce guns, you don't have a hundred things happening at once on screen (unless you're a Capcom game like Viewtiful Joe)- look to Nintendo, Rare and Sega for examples of great platformers- Crash Bandicoot got it right on the PS1 too. The reason you like R & C - Tools of destruction is because you like shooting games and you like futuristic games. It doesn't satisfy classic platforming to me.
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tripewire  +   2116d ago
tripewire  +   2116d ago
Damn straight. I just played to chapter 12 without coming up for breath. I went and picked up my gf, then had the nerve to keep playing. THEN i started up co-op with the words "just 1 minute". Half an hour later I had to leave it, but damned if this game isnt the best I've ever played.
-MoOkS-  +   2116d ago
Hopefully insomniac take notes from ND when they make resistance 3.

They better not serve up that awfull crap they did with resistance 2

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