New Super Mario Bros. Wii scans show off new locations, enemies, items and all the Koopa Kids

Gonintendo writes: "These new scans show us a few new things, such as a couple locations we haven't seen before. There's also a new item block that Mario is carrying on his back, which looks like it may light up an area of the level. Plus, we finally get a look at the whole Koopa Kid gang!"

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n4f2982d ago

i reserve my copy a long time ago

Goomba122982d ago

Yea every gamer should have.

Nihilism2982d ago

wow all those features!!!, nintendo are really pushing the mario franchise to another level!!....................... .......

What happened to you nintendo?

2982d ago
ozstar2982d ago

Yea, nostalgia up the ********

Barrels? POW boxes? What the hell is this Nintendo, SSBB is giving you some great ideas.

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