Kotaku: Star Wars Battlefront: ES Preview

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is the latest in the cross-platform Battlefront series. This installment on PSP and Nintendo DS keeps level with the series' theme of dropping players into "everyman" Star Wars characters with some special chances to play as "hero/villain" characters in certain levels.

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Lord_Ranos3320d ago

Hey PSP owners buy this game. Its going to be the best online battlefront on a portable machine.

ceedubya93320d ago

I really wish they'd start putting this game son home consoles again.

ThanatosDMC3320d ago

Damn, i thought it was talking about Battlefront 3!

SuperStrokey11233320d ago

This game looks so great, honestly if you have a PSP you need to buy this game. Im 100% getting it. Hope they do a digital copy so i can save some battery life.

ceedubya93320d ago

I've always felt that they were just an excuse not put any money into making another one for home consoles. They are okay games though, at least.