Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 will hurt Assassin's Creed II in sales

Michael Pachter believes that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will end up hurting Assassin's Creed II in the sales department.

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Serjikal_Strike3324d ago

why you think them other games got pushed to 2010?

nothing else will matter in the month of november and into december other than MW2!

raztad3324d ago

I dont think so. Both games are in completely different genres. What may affect AC2 sales is lack of money after the barrage of titles coming before it, specially in the PS3 camp. Just this month 3 exclusives titles + GoW Collection + multiplats. It's really hard to get all of them.

butterfinger3324d ago

The type of game doesn't matter as much as the target audience in this case. Pachter is assuming that they both have nearly the same target audience. This isn't FFXIII and MW2 we are talking here.

sikbeta3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Thank you Captain Obvious

MW2 is a monster even if I hate Activision with all my heart


"3 exclusives titles + GoW Collection"

You are right 4 games + MW2 as the primary Multiplat, AC2 as the second

Bereaver3324d ago

You don't think that a genre of game changes it's target audience?

sikbeta3324d ago


Yes, but there are more shooter lovers than anything

Blaze9293324d ago

I swear, what does Pachter get paid to do, make dumb and obvious predictions? Ridiculous.

butterfinger3324d ago

Nope. They are two completely different types of games attempting to attract the same type of guys. In this case, CODMW2 is going to overshadow Assassin's Creed 2 by a longshot, and the sales will represent that especially since they are releasing only a week apart. Left 4 Dead 2 will be taking away from Assassin's Creed 2's sales as well. Ubisoft should push it to December, or get it out right before MW2.

STK0263324d ago

both games (despite the ESRB ratings) are targeting 13 and over, mostly male gamers, used to play violent and action packed games.

May it be a shooter or not, both games appeal to the same kind of people. It's not like having a sim-racer and an JRPG release at the same time.

Both are action games from established franchises and both are targeting so-called "core" gamers, and both, mostly thanks to some "cool-factor" [Hey! look! it haz gunzz! or Hey! you seen this?! you can kill peoplez after jumping from a roof! LIKE A NINJA, BUT YOU'RE NOT A NINJA! WOO! (hey, you get my point right?)], and both also target the 18 to 25 years old guys, who usually act like bros and only play Madden, NHL (mostly in Canada) and Halo.

Well, I guess that was what he meant. Or, he simply looked at sales figures for both titles (AC and CoD:MW) and noticed that both games usually sold very well with the same demographics, he would likely acuire such results by looking at surveys and the likes, but hey, my theory is much better.

Christopher3324d ago

In the long run? No. People who want AC2 or enjoy those type of games will eventually get it, no doubt about that.

Personally, I've got AC2 over MW2, but that's because I'm not an FPS fan.

Jaces3324d ago

That really blows, still though I plan to show my support and buy AC2 over MW2...FPS overload is killing me.

badz1493324d ago

pachter IS captain obvious!

Alvadr3324d ago

No it wont.. It didnt in 2007 and it wont now!

Syronicus3324d ago

Assassin's Creed one, hurt the sale of Assassin's Creed two... Now, if they get rid of the repetition then by all means, it might be worth the rental.

JonnyBadfinger3324d ago

Hasnt stopped be from pre-ordering Assassins Creed 2. i get 9 solid days to get to my first prestige and then when i start getting angry at CoD which is going to happen. i can calm down by stabbing some Templar's in the face with a hidden dagger.

I kinda lost faith in MW2 when i heard that their was no connection search preference like [email protected] had. That will ultimately be the demise of the game in Australia and New Zealand. once we start getting thrown into American and European lobbies thats when Halo 3 will get slapped back into the Xbox..... or Borderlands, whatever i feel like at the time.

NeoCloud3324d ago

It doesn't matter if you Hate Activision or Love them, MW2 will be huge, Its the same thing as FFXIII over at Japan.So yes it will hurt them, just like any game comin out in the same month as FFXIII in japan won't do as good.

lightningsax3323d ago

@Butterfinger - Totally agreed! The people that will buy Assassin's Creed titles seem to line up well with the people that will buy MW2. Guess which one they'll buy first? By the way, off-topic, but awesome icon.

Honestly, I could care less about these two games. Whenever I stop playing Demon's Souls, I'll leap for Uncharted 2. Considering how much I like Demon's Souls, though, that time may be when the next-next generation of systems comes out.

I wonder what that'll be like... NinGoogle vs. SonyMicrosoft?

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TrevorPhillips3324d ago

I'll say both games will be equal.

And I'm getting both.

kwicksandz3324d ago

i disagree. Ubi burned me with both far cry 2 and Ass creed 1. No amount of praise can make me buy Ass creed 2 until its a bargin bin title.

tdogchristy903324d ago

They are still, both, day one purchases for me!

hairy3324d ago

I think assasin's creed 1 being a boreing PoS will also hurt it's sales

butterfinger3324d ago

one of the only ones to agree with you, but what you said was true and funny. lmao.

Bereaver3324d ago

It's not always the game that makes the sale. It's the idea behind that connects to the audience.

glennc3324d ago

compare MW1 to AC1 and you have your answer. that is really all the public will go by (as well as the huge stinking pile of cash they spend on marketing MW2 i spose).

GamerPS3603324d ago

that's what I was thinking too. But, I am still getting creed2.

JewyMcJew3324d ago

I felt that I had to like this game or would be ostracized for being superficial.

But man, you just do the same three things over and over... gave up half way through.

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poindat3324d ago

Totally forgot about AC II. I'll try to get that and Uncharted these coming months. Modern Warfare can wait till it's in the bargain bin.

Jamescagney3324d ago

Good luck with that, Modern Warfare kept it's price high even at second hand for a very long time. I should imagine it will be the same with this one.

poindat3324d ago

Yeah, I didn't think of that before. Bleh, I can wait a bit. There's so many other games to hold my attention, that MW2 will end up being one of those "I'm bored and need a game to play" impulse purchases during the summer drought.