Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots Dated

One of the most anticipated games of this generation gets dated. The publisher has yet to announce an official release date for the hotly anticipated title, but this latest financial report would seem to indicate that gamers will finally get their hands on it before March 31, 2008


PSM digs up RUMBLE RUMOR and brings it to life... MGS4 related

"New PSM says rumble is going to be announced at E-3 and set for a November 13th release date. No big deal, not to me.. Anyways, they then go on to say that Kojima had asked time from Sony to implement it into MGS4, along with Tilt... to appease both sides of the fences.

This is in the rumor section, so don't run away with it... but it sounds logical."

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TriggerHappy4225d ago

whhooops, Bad actually...of not or..

TriggerHappy4225d ago

Pleas include rumble, please include rumble.

Am not even mad at the date...

Robotz Rule4225d ago


SimmoUK4225d ago

This is a fiscal report, if you read the article it says it will be out before that date it's just the title gameswank have used in this article is misleading...

PS360WII4225d ago

So we were informed that this title may or may not be released this fiscal year... thanks for the heads up...

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