Daily Video: Halo Cloud Over Russia's Skies [The Covenant Return?]

A cloud in Russia was spotted a few days ago that is unlike any other cloud you've seen. It's Halo shape comes of very unique and had people wondering at what could have caused it. Do we need to call Master Chief again to save us from The Covenant?

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Shade3602980d ago

LoL it does look like they are about to jump into orbit.. lol

Ziriux2980d ago

Indeed, I saw the Arbiter.

darthv722980d ago

ODST viral marketing trick? hmm hmmm?

It is kind of cool. I guess the MC is coming back to "finish the fight"

poindat2980d ago

I saw this on LiveLeak a couple of days ago... how is it at all related to gaming? It's like me coming home to find my household items strewn everywhere and blaming Sackboy for it. Ridiculous.

So please, someone enlighten me.

Ziriux2980d ago

Lol bubble for a funny comment.

TK4212980d ago

Luke 21:11
There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and terror events and great signs from heaven (the air/sky).

Perjoss2980d ago

I've seen star wars many times, Luke never says that.

rucky2980d ago

Please let me play the upcoming 2010 games first before taking me.

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Jugg4n4ut2980d ago

wow, thts pretty cool. its obvious its a jumpgate

Ziriux2980d ago

That was a terrible game.

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The story is too old to be commented.