Smash Bros. Site Update

US, May 22, 2007 - Nintendo followed up on its promise from last week with a big update to the Smash Bros. Brawl official website. Lucky for us, the update can be viewed the the language of your choice, including English!

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Robotz Rule3859d ago

Is the game that's going to make me get a Wii,guarantiid!

Along with Metoid Prime and others,I can't wait!

I already have a PS3 & 360 to keep me busy during the wait!

Got $$$$$ now but only see three games I like or so,I use to have a Wii but sold it because it got kinda boring but getting one next month or so:)

WilliamRLBaker3859d ago

is for it to have wifi gameplay, and feature sonic and it will get my money!

derb2k23859d ago

i've got goosebumps! can't wait! this game is going to be massssssiveeeee!

sumfood4u3859d ago

Hands~down it's pure tightness! I hope toadstool, Wart, & Wallugi are playable as well! SSMB BRINGS OUT THE MA~MA~MI~YA in the Wii. Believe It!

Urameshi3859d ago

yet another naruto wannabe tacked on to the thousands of others..... great -.-