Microsoft: Halo Movie Could Come Back into Play

A few months ago, it was revealed that Peter Jackson was done with Halo. Following a rumor that Steven Spielberg was interested in attaching himself to the project, Microsoft later confirmed that a movie based on their blockbuster franchise had officially been "put on hold."

So where does the Halo movie stand now? There's not much new to reveal, but Microsoft certainly understands the value of the IP and seems pretty open to kickstarting the movie at some point. Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer commented, "The Halo movie, you know, it could [come back into play]. I think about Halo as something that's very important to us and something that we wouldn't want to jeopardize the quality of the IP by getting into a space where we didn't have shared goals with the partner and that the timing worked."

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GR8 13348d ago

I hope it is, that's all the Halo franchise needs now a blockbuster movie.

MetalGearRising3348d ago

Day 1 Box Office Records will be shattered by Halo Movie. From that day on no movie shall be able to come close just like the game which set the world record for sales and is still unbeaten.

MetaIGearRising3348d ago

Even if the movie sucks, at least it will be better than any of the games.

Ko_Uraki3348d ago

I think that Master Chief is the perfect character to do that. I don't think that Spiderman 4 and the other sh movies will continue to do great numbers.

interrergator3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

i hope so this could be used in a halo movie