Peace Walker Surprise

Hideo Kojima (the evil genius who laughs as his studio is consumed by civil war) has promised a surprise in the PSP addition to the Metal Gear Solid franchise that will have consumers rushing to the store to buy a PSP...

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kratos1233076d ago

i want to know what it is damn you koijma(shakse fist at koijma)

Maddens Raiders3075d ago

you find in the game could unlock a secret mission in Guns of the Patriots as free DLC? Nah, too over the top and mind blowing that would be.

leeger3074d ago

announcemnt of his next game?

rockleex3074d ago

Or maybe a cardboard box.

zeeshan3074d ago

Unlock MGS4 trophies on PS3? :)

Whatever it is, I am glad Kojima is working so hard on this title. Seems it is very special to him. Thanks a lot Kojima San :)

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Bereaver3076d ago

Hey!!! I bet it's some of that afternoon delight!

Isn't that right Ron?

N73603075d ago

It comes with a life size metal gear!

FiftyFourPointTwo3074d ago

Metal Gear Remake?
I don't know.

jthm273074d ago

MGS 1 2 3 on umds? =D