FIFA 10 cracks appear on PS3

TWO weeks after release of FIFA and some cracks are appearing in the game. In fact, the only way you can play with friends is as a 10v10 game. No problems with the Xbox 360 version. Other bloggers have listed a raft of problems with the single player campaign including an inability to sign players in the manager mode.

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suhelparvez2985d ago

No such probs 4 me. Kiling the game to death

GameOn2985d ago

Some pretty crazy stuff going on there. Good old EA Sports!

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Godmars2902985d ago

Are we seeing this story because the PS3 version of the game is selling better?

v1c1ous2985d ago

maybe. hey, let's discuss some more forza 3 glitches and comparisons with forza 2!

Godmars2902985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Turn 10 brought that upon themselves. Stating and restating that its the new GT.

"so what's the diff b/w this articles and the forza 3?"

Ones a dev attacking another dev, then other a gamer attacking another version of the same game because its selling better?

Nevermind the whole mess with the PS3 version of Bayonetta being called garage because of poorer textures. This is just someone trying to start something in hopes of effecting sales.

v1c1ous2985d ago

and the forza 3?

that a someone brought it upon themselves? cause then that would mean....

Arsenal4Ever2984d ago

Wow, dont even go there. These glitches are in the game. Stop acting like the PS3 is innocent all the time.

Godmars2902984d ago

You mean that the glitches are a product of the game system or because of how it was coded onto it? Because if it was the system there'd be more issues with a lot more titles, don't you think?

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The story is too old to be commented.