New Gran Turismo 5 screenshots

Polyphony Digital published new screenshots from Gran Turismo 5 showing some car damage.

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GWAVE3113d ago

Best graphics of any racing game this generation on ANY platform.

Sorry Turn 10, but you didn't fool anyone except blind fanboys who were desperate to discredit the GT series.

Microsoft Xbox 3603113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Best graphics in any racing game out there. No dark tinted windows to render less objects on screen here. Just pure graphical superiority of the PS3.

mint royale3113d ago

You know GWAVE if you were a developer you would be turn 10. Thank god polyphony have the dignity that you and may others here do not.

phosphor1123113d ago

Come on PD stop being such a f*cking tease!!

SWORDF1SH3113d ago

Even though Forza 3 is a real good game, it uses a lot more smoke and mirrors than GT5 like tinted windows as you mentioned.

Even thought i'm confident that GT5 will look and play better than Forza, i'm reserving my final judgemnet til i get a copy and play it.

One thing I will say is that Turn 10 should not of been so disrespectful to PD and the GT series. The way they do buisness mirrors the way that MS do buisness. Perfect match I guess.

u got owned3113d ago

This game looks so good.


sikbeta3113d ago

Not the best graphics...

We have to expect for Gran Turismo 6


DocEvil3113d ago

Here are 13 compilations showing hundreds of rally crashes. These are the worst types of crashes with cars crashing directly into trees and rock cuts, rolling down hills, catching on fire, rolling and twisting through the air and even end over end summersaults through the air. Over 95% of these hundreds of rally crashes leaves the car out of the race completely. You see bumpers come off, tires come off and trunks unlatch and I even noticed 2 crashes where the hood became unlatched which is an extremely rare hallmark of a particularly violent crash. You know what I didn't see? Not once? Doors NEVER come off. Doors NEVER open. Not even on the old cars. I don't expect perfection, not even close but I do expect better than this from a company like PD.

pppppeach3113d ago


The actual game is gonna look like this:

Motion3113d ago

That guy in the red hat has a GIANT head.

Highwayman3113d ago


1.1 Like your avatar.

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Crystallis3113d ago

You guys said it. Bubbles to you both.

ultimolu3113d ago

...Not even a broke nail could stop me from proclaiming how AWESOME this game is gonna be.

God of War III and this game?! HOLY CRAP. O.o

ChozenWoan3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Yep, come March 31st I'm going to be $120+ lighter in the wallet...
but 240+ gaming hrs happier. =)

MaximusPrime3113d ago

damages are getting better and better. release the game PD ANYTIME.

Im not in the rush. im enjoying GT mobile. Thanks for that Lotus Esprit. BRILLIANT

Mandaspt3113d ago

Better graphics than Forza 3 and maybe better damage system too. We need a new trailer from this game!