The Gamer Studio: Demon's Souls Review

RPG fans, rejoice! For Atlus has delivered upon us a divine gift known as Demon's Souls that will offer us all great moments of joy, sorrow, excitement, fear and frustration. From Software – developers of Armored Core 4 and Enchanted Arms – have truly outdone themselves with this title, which can now be considered as their masterpiece. Demon's Souls contains everything one could ever want in an RPG and also has the potential of ripping your gaming ego into pieces.

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raztad3288d ago

Demons Souls is a real masterpiece but credit is not only to FROM Software. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan played a big role in the design of this game.

I'd say congrats to FROM and SCEJ for delivering such an incredible game and Atlus for bringing it to NA.

mriono3288d ago

I want to thank Atlus for bringing it to NA, I had dropped this off my radar cause I didn't know when it was going to make it over here

Highatus3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

This is without a doubt THE best RPG(Action/RPG) i've played this Gen.

And yes... Kudos to From Software and Japan Studios for this gem. Too many sites singing praise to Atlus, though i do commend them for bringing it to NA their hand in the game is miniscule compared to that of From and JStudios.