IncGamers - Adam's Venture: The Search For The Lost Garden Review [PC]

Peter Parrish has a look at Adam's Venture for IncGamers, and searches for those lost gardens...however he doesn't seem to be too impressed. It seems Adam must have been intellectually challenged to find this garden.

"The game features an expeditionary team of Adam, his girlfriend Evelyn and grumpy Professor Jacques Saint-Omair. It also briefly features Adam's dog, who appears in the first area before mysteriously vanishing for the rest of the game. Maybe Episode 2 will be The Search For Adam's Dog?"

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Fyzzu2985d ago

Oh good grief that sounds awful in every conceivable aspect.

Leord2985d ago

Still... Look at the average score. Perhaps Peter just was in bad luck or something?

Leord2985d ago

I was hoping for something more like faceplant :P

Redrudy2985d ago

2.3, that's one of the lowest scores I've seen. Painful.