Famitsu sales (10/5 – 10/11)

Famitsu has published their estimates of the latest sales figures from Japan.

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Valay2984d ago

Strange Journey is off to a pretty great start.

zeeshan2984d ago

I wonder if NPD will release September data AT ALL!!! I mean, how long before they post the previous month's figures?

Darkeyes2984d ago

@Zeeshan.. I heard that NPD is going to arrive this Thursday... So expect one within 24 hours.

zeeshan2984d ago

Thanks buddy! Can you tell me where did you hear that? Any source? I am not questioning your information, just want to know where we can check all this.

Bubble up :)

Darkeyes2984d ago

That is the only link I could find.. It doesn't specify the exact date, but it says NPD is gonna come in a week (and the article was posted on 8th) So it's already 15 now (at least in my country).... So I expect one to land in less than 24 hours.. Usually most NPD come out at the middle of a the next month and it's already 15....

zeeshan2983d ago

^ Thank you once again :)

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v1c1ous2984d ago

handhelds destroy everything....again

Carl14122984d ago

Yup, Japan is big on the handhelds right?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi2984d ago

...beloved 'NPD' sales later or tomorrow??? ;-D

gameman2984d ago

wow Nintendo is ruling over there