Far Cry 1 with Cryengine 2: New mod makes it possible

PCGH has posted screenshots and a comparative picture of a Crysis modification that transfers the original Far Cry (1) from the Cryengine 1 to the Cryengine 2 of Crysis (Warhead). according to them the modder has to rebuild every bit of the original game because of legal issues.

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memots3319d ago

I would totally play the game again. I played a couple of hours and never finished it. This would me it worthwhile to revisit.

mrv3213319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Do it for Operation Flashpoint 2 PLEASE!

I am not even joking, I have seen better looking PS2 and XBOX games than OFP2 on PS3. The PC looks better, but still.

Ninjamonkey3319d ago

that game only just released XD

Lemon Jelly3319d ago

This looks bad ass. It makes me wonder though why crytek doesn't hire this guy, if he can rebuild a whole game like this being only one person rather then a whole team of people.

dirthurts3319d ago

Will I be able to get this?
Looks amazing!

trancefreak3319d ago

This is one thing I love about pc gaming and the ability for enthusiasts to make mods. I think some do it to make a career or are in the field/schooling makes a good resume for sure. and it makes gamers happy for free user content :)

TheIneffableBob3318d ago

Modding is great to put on your resume since it shows that you're compassionate about the field. Those guys on the Black Mesa team are pretty much guaranteed to be able to find a job in the industry.

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