Nvidia's mainstream Fermi arrives in late Q1

Nvidia's mainstream market version of its GT300 / Fermi chip is scheduled for a Q1 2010 launch.

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Nihilism3347d ago

they said earlier that the first cards would be the enthusiast cards and that they would arrive sooner than the mainstream ones, i hope this is true, even some bench marks will keep me going until i dive in, dual pcb or die shrink card either way

Kakkoii3346d ago

Yeah, the enthusiast cards should be here before the years end. They are always the first ones out the door. Since production is just about started now, we will see some bench's or at least leaks near the end of November.

Fernando Rocker3346d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo uses this kind of processor for their next console... after all, they are using (aparently) the Nvidia Tegra chip for the next-gen DS system.