PushSquare: Eye Pet on Playstation 3 Review

PushSquare: "If Eye Pet is a sneak peak at the future of Sony's motion control plans, consider us very, very excited indeed. Despite primarily targeting a younger audience, Eye Pet's forward-thinking technology, interesting gameplay mechanics and nauseatingly cute presentation should please anyone with a pulse."

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nix3267d ago

wow.. the reviews are all over the place.. but i'm still getting it because it comes with a camera. and the game looks damn cute. q:

creeping judas3267d ago

Do you know if you can buy it without the PS3 eyetoy??
Since I got one already, got a fantastic deal, by buying LBP for my kids, I got the PS3 eyetoy for $10.00.

Dipso3266d ago

Yep, they are selling it without the camera.

get2sammyb3266d ago

You can yes, it's £17.99 without and £30 with -- so still an awesome price either way depending on what you choose. I think some reviews have been needlessly harsh and forgotten the price/audience.

sikbeta3267d ago

A perfect score? It seems like the reviewer wasn't playing COD MW before this one, GOOD...

get2sammyb3266d ago

No hint of a macho complex over at PushSquare. We always review our games for their core audience -- but having said that, I genuinely believe anyone will enjoy Eye Pet. And at £17.99 -- a smidgeon more than Trine -- it'll last longer and serve as an excellent technical set piece.

I hope people give it a chance.

ThatCanadianGuy3266d ago

I expect alot of mixed reviews for this.

get2sammyb3266d ago

Seems like that's been the case already!

Rifle-Man3266d ago

Nice to see some good reviews.

I really think my daughter will like this.