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Edge Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

It is a happy coincidence that, at a time when storytelling in games is being scrutinised as never before, along comes an example to demonstrate the sheer table-thumping power of a rollicking good yarn, even if it's one relayed in a manner that may not win it fans among those attempting to reinvent the way games are played. Uncharted 2 propels you through a procession of intricately staged episodes of drama peopled with characters that sizzle with zip and pith, and, in showing you how your reckless treasure-hunting ways adversely affect the lives of others, even asks you to question your morality.

At no point, though, are you given the option to change those ways. This is no Infamous. It's obviously not a firstperson action game, either, which leaves the player feeling much less like he is the hero than is the case in contemporary action classics such as Half-Life 2 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, in which the characters you inhabit never utter a word. Conversely, Uncharted 2's returning protagonist, Nathan Drake, tosses out a quip as readily as he draws a breath (even, repeatedly, when faced with a character who quite clearly understands not a single word coming out of our hero's mouth).

Despite never being short of a comeback, however, he remains likeable throughout the game's duration, whether holding his resolve against what seem to be overwhelming odds, carefully picking his way through elaborate locations that belong to other civilisations, or even playing his part in a surprisingly tense love triangle. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves) 9.0/10

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techie  +   2235d ago
Sounds like it's going to be a 9/10. What did they give U1? 8?
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2235d ago

Then no score? lol
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WildArmed  +   2235d ago
wow. why'd it get approved w/o the score?
leeger  +   2235d ago
it's a 9/10. This should pull down the score of UC2 in Metacritic from 97 to 96.
lew77  +   2235d ago
It says [9] at the bottom of the page. Good score from Edge.
techie  +   2235d ago
They only just added the score guys - sorry. Their fault not mine.
techie  +   2235d ago
"it's a 9/10. This should pull down the score of UC2 in Metacritic from 97 to 96." Doubt it. 56 reviews at a score of 97/100 - and on N4G 130 reviews and a score of 97/100.

One 9/10 score isn't going to change that.
The Wood  +   2235d ago
@ deep
i agree with ya but meta dont tell us what each sites weighing is. Some have more credence than others so an 8 from them far outweighs an 8 from a lesser know site. In essence metacritic is not really an average at all if each sites scores dont weigh the same. I do underestand that some sites are more important than others but the credence system can be manipulated.
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techie  +   2235d ago
Well I know that too...but even with a heavy rating a 9/10 score isn't going to change it. A 7/10 would, but not a 9/10.
Lifendz  +   2235d ago
AAA from Edge
it's better than some of us expected. So has Edge given any game besides LBP a perfect score?
Darkeyes  +   2235d ago
LMAO no score!!!!! YES finally Edge will not lower the meta score.... Or are they posting a score later?

EDIT: Ahhh crap 9/10 sorry my bad... Still a low score judging they also gave Demon souls a 9/10.. Demon Soul is awesome, but UC2 is head and shoulders above it.. Haha they even gave ODST a 9.... Still sour grapes Edge?

@Deep below.. I remember them giving Demon souls a 9... IT was the first 9 given by Edge to any PS3 exclusive..
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techie  +   2235d ago
This is Edge's only third PS3 score above 8/10. LBP 10/10, Uncharted 2 9/10 and Demon Souls 9/10

The Xbox 360 has eight games score from 9 - 10 in Edge.
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Rainstorm81  +   2235d ago
One of the greatest of our time.
Uncharted 2 is insanely fun and probably one of the most cinematic games ever.

Its a must buy reguardless if some reviews give it an 8 or 10

If u own a PS3 do yourself a favor go buy or rent or whatever you must to experience this epic adventure.

(been playing since monday and im hooked)
snipermk0  +   2235d ago
They gave U2 the same score (9/10) as Halo: ODST. Does that ring a bell with you guys?
Andronix  +   2235d ago
Halo ODST = Uncharted 2?!! EDGE reveal their 'tastes' yet again
Come on now! The original Halo 3 is a phenomenal game, but ODST was just a polished expansion pack yet EDGE decided to award it a 9. Uncharted 2 is big, beautiful, has new content, and breaks boundaries by having the best voice acting and motion capture in ANY video game that is used skilfully to enhance the great GAMEPLAY experience. Yet they give it the same mark as the Halo 3 expansion pack? I'm an EDGE subscriber but this makes clear which side their bread is buttered.
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nix  +   2235d ago
this game should be getting 9.8 avg at least. never mind the overrated GTAIV that sadly tops the list. GTAIV's 9.8 in metacritic is actually is mark of a mockery in modern gaming world.
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Andronix  +   2235d ago
Why did EDGE publish the review without the score then add it later?
Why? First EDGE published the review without the score then they added it over half an hour later. Did they forget the important part at the end? Or was there some last minute discussion where the editor overruled the reviewer?
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gaffyh  +   2235d ago
Uncharted is nothing like Gears. The only people who compare the two are fanboys. I've played both and they play completely differently, they only minute resemblance is that you can take cover behind stuff, that's it, and even then Uncharted does this better because you can hang off ledges for cover.

Not every game that has cover is a Gears ripoff, you want to look at a Gears ripoff look at Quantum Theory, otherwise STFU stupid fanboy Edge reviews.
sikbeta  +   2235d ago
What a p*ssy site! Come on show the Score!!! wait... maybe they know that a good score can cause a paradox in their bias site
omni_atlas  +   2235d ago
Edge Edge Edge...sigh.

If I had the time I would write an article detailing the top 5 bias gaming websites/mags.

And you know what, Edge would be No 1.

Someone actually did the math and put it on his blog, and it was pretty conclusive. Yes, Edge is/are MS fanboys.

Am I giving you guys ideas yet?? Someone please write the article and post it on N4G so we can let the world know how thrashy and inconsistent their scores are.
sikbeta  +   2235d ago
They did it!!!! they god damn did it!!! real professional journalism, hell you can't be sarcastic when you talk about edge
Rainstorm81  +   2235d ago
uncharted 2 is a masterpiece, but Gta4's city was also masterfully done.

no open world city is as real and alive as Liberty City. The story was meh, but thats why we have Liberty City episodes. it shows the main character in GTA4 is the city. it deserved high scores just not perfect scores.

Only time Liberty City will be matched is in either Red Dead Redemption or Agent.

Rockstar = Open World Masters
house  +   2235d ago
i thought they were going to give it a 7 or something but they gave it a nine not bad im kinda surprised
ultimolu  +   2235d ago
At this point, I could care less. This game is a 10/10 for me. And I had a dream about Nathan Drake too...*sigh*

kws1065  +   2235d ago
Told you
Edge is the last boss to defeat haha.
Blaze929  +   2235d ago
What do we have here? More complaining over a freakin number (thats good)....sad
LiquifiedArt  +   2235d ago
Its laughable how "Over the Top" and "Astonishing" something on PS3 NEEDS to be, to be given AAA status. Meanwhile xbox has a slew of them with Rehashes, Glitches, Laggy and bugged out experiences being given AAA status.

callahan09  +   2235d ago
This review is pathetic. They chastise the game for not being a first-person perspective game, saying that you can't feel like you're the hero in third-person the same way you do in first-person games. They criticize the game for not being an open-world game, too. So basically, they're going to say that this game can't be perfect because of the type of game that it is? Ridiculous. They even say that it "involves a lot of killing" and they say it in a negative tone. Uh, ok. Didn't you guys give Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV 10's? They have even MORE killing! I don't remember them complaining about the amount of killing you needed to do in Gears of War 2 last year.

When they actually talk about the EXPERIENCE, and not stuff that is wholly arbitrary, then the complaints stop and they go on to heap massive praises on the game, saying things like:

"Its pacing is remarkable, only rarely allowing you to shuffle back from the edge of your seat and recline"

"This is a masterclass in capturing the player’s attention"

"The most absorbing game of 2009 to date, the sort that makes three hours of play feel like one."

"You know when you leave the cinema with friends after you’ve just enjoyed a Pulp Fiction or a District 9, and you can’t wait to discuss the experience? You’ll get that feeling playing through Uncharted 2, just as you did playing through, say, Resident Evil 4."

They don't even mention the multiplayer except in passing, not even a full sentence. There is an off-hand comment acknowledging the existence of multiplayer. That's it. They don't give any opinion or details on the multiplayer modes available, the map selection, the way it plays, the co-op, the cinema mode, none of it. It's completely absent from the review. So they're really only reviewing the campaign here, but when you buy Uncharted 2, you get a whole lot more than just a campaign.

It's yet another in a long line of pretentious reviews by Edge, the double standards continue and the arbitrary complaints pile up. How do you acknowledge all of the amazing work put into Uncharted 2, and call it the most engrossing game of the year, heaping such praises on it, and then use some lame arguments to justify not giving it a perfect score? The value in the box alone, the sheer scale of the production, the improvements and additions that Naughty Dog have made since the original, and the fact that they're calling it the most engrossing game of the year would have led me to believe it would get a higher score than Halo 3: ODST, but I guess not, huh.
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Christopher  +   2235d ago
So, Uncharted 2 is a 9/10
Other than having a game put out from a London-based game company, what do PS3 games have to do to get higher scores from Edge, honestly? I mean, all it took for Microsoft was to put out an expansion to Halo 3 to get the same score as Uncharted 2. I'm thinking that the leap from Halo 3 to ODST is not as much of an improvement, by a long shot, as it was from Uncharted to Uncharted 2.

Also, complaints about it being in third person and not an open world game are really pathetic. Just very poor game journalism.

1. How are we going to really attach ourselves to Nate and the other characters if we're spending the time looking out through Nate's eyes only and only seeing what he sees?

2. Why do games have to go to an open-world concept when we know that this leads to a less controlled storyline. Uncharted 2 is about playing through their movie, not about you driving around in their movie's locations and occasionally participating in the story.
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Prototype  +   2235d ago
@ callahan09
Basically Edge is playing follow the leader on the review scores so they can argue "We gave another ps3 exclusive a 9+ isn't that good enough?" when if you read between the lines of the review this is what I see:

It's not multiplat
It actually lives up to the hype
No Multiplayer trophies outside some co-op
You can pick up from the story even if you never played the first game
We will give it a 9 so people won't think we're biased towards the PS3
My wife/gf didn't give me any last night
Microsoft forgot to pay us to lower the game to 6-7 so no food this week

I go off personal preference and if a friend has a game I'll see/play for myself. I refuse to let reviews judge for me; I've played games rated below 7 that were legendary and games rated 8+ that just sucked.
Tex117  +   2235d ago
Darkeyes: Uncharted 2 is not head over shoulders better than Demon's Souls.

There is something very special about Demon's Souls, assuming of course you are the type of player the game is trying to target.

Its kinda the difference between a huge summer blockbuster and some indy film in an arthouse.

Sure the blockbuster is awesome, but if you are the person that likes the arthouse indy movie, then it holds a very special place.

I've had a very hard time putting down Demon's Souls to play Uncharted 2, and others on this site have as well.

Also, many reviewers said they talked about this game alot around the office...even when they were reviewing what is the incredible experience of Uncharted 2.

Im not saying Demon's Souls is better than Uncharted 2. Its not. Not in the appeal to everyone mother effing awesome experience, but again....I can't get my mind out of Demon's Souls.
chaosatom  +   2235d ago
BEST PS3 Exclusive Ever!!
Even Haters can't hate on PS3 exclusives anymore :P
leeger  +   2235d ago
To those who disagreed on my previous comment, edge review is already added in metacritic, the average is now 96, it needs 3 or 4 perfect reviews to go up to 97 again.
callahan09  +   2235d ago
I believe my prior comment was well-reasoned, rational, and explains my position thoroughly, clearly, and appropriately. I don't personally see how it's disagreeable, and yet here I see the disagrees coming in. If you don't agree with what I wrote, please don't just click that button, but type up a response and let me know how the Edge review was, in your opinion, an effective and fair bit of criticism. Because I don't think you can make an argument for that. It's an objectively pretentious review, and it's trashy in its lack of detail and explanation. How can a review be taken seriously that doesn't even touch on a wide variety of the features and inclusions in the game? They don't say a word about competitive or co-op multiplayer, or the cinema mode, and their first criticism of the game is on the basis of its genre rather than on the merits of what it accomplished. It was a poorly composed and lacking review, plain and simple.
bnaked  +   2235d ago
lol because of edge the meta critic score is 9.6.. omg! edge again..
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Lich120  +   2235d ago
Why is everyone so worried about it being a 96 or a 97 on metacritic. When it gets that precise it really doesn't matter. I'm sure most of you are already enjoying it, reviews don't matter at that point. I picked it up at midnight and couldn't put it down till 9:30 in the morning and that's only because I beat it. It's incredible, so certainly a 96 or 97 doesn't matter.
TROLL EATER  +   2235d ago
it has been reduced to 96 in metacritic still close to halo combat evolved
harrisk954  +   2235d ago
Well.... there you go!...
Edge's 90 has officially brought the metacritic down to 96!
pixelsword  +   2235d ago
That's why I don't pay any attention to Metacritic
They don't use an average, they "weight" some sites more than others... and look what ya got when Edge chimed-in.

Do the thinking for yourselves; don't let some skewed site do it for you.

Just respect the people you respect, and don't pay attention to the ones you don't.
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Prototype  +   2235d ago
@ callahan09
If you was wondering I actually gave a bubble I usually don't give agree/disagree, so it wasn't me

Anyways I've talked to some people at my job and not one person had anything negative to say about it; even the 360 crowd was praising the game. The only bitterness I've seen was the WoW crowd for obvious reasons.
Xbox Avatars Shoe  +   2235d ago
MetaCritic is 96 :(
lightningsax  +   2235d ago
Careful, man. Comparing Uncharted 2 to Demon's Souls is comparing apples to severed heads. Demon's Souls has a lot of small innovations for the RPG world (and especially the JRPG world), and the developers decided to make the game ridiculously huge on top of that, and they added an awesome and frightening approach to the non-game-mechanic stuff like atmosphere, scope, and sound design. Don't short-change it.

I'm sure Uncharted 2 will be awesome, but it's a different kind of awesome - one that borrows heavily from games before it, but is ultra-refined and done right. It won't shake the foundations of what we call gaming by any stretch, but it will be one heck of a ride.

When I think of good movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark is up there. Even though the plot is conventional and not every actor is amazing, there's no arguing that it's an awesome thrill ride with well-done visuals for its time, and hopefully that rings true for Uncharted 2.

Guess I'll figure that out when I play it! For now, I'm too busy playing Demon's Souls.
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jessupj  +   2235d ago
I don't particulary care about metacritic because it's completely flawed, but I don't understand why Edge is included in the calculation. Their pathetic 360 bias is so blatantly obvious it's past the point of being funny and become.... I don't even have a word for it it's so disgusting. Surely when it's this obvious they would be removed from the metacritic calculation, at least for ps3 exclusives.

But that's one of the reasons metacritic is deeply flawed; because of the very sad state of this generations gaming media. It's the childish gaming journalists that actually consider themselves to be professional.
REALgamer  +   2234d ago
Don't go getting all worked up because they didn't review the multiplayer.

Have you ever read Edge?

They do separate online multiplayer reviews.

Eg: Killzone 2 got a higher multiplayer score than its singleplayer. Usually the multiplayer score follows 1 or 2 months after the main review so they have time to play it properly.

And yes, I still find it hard to believe many people here are complaining that 9/10 still isn't good enough. Does anyone seriously see a game scoring 9/10 and think 'wow, that's not very good, sounds like a crap game'?
learte  +   2235d ago
Didn't like the review
they compared to gears and tomb raider, i agree with tomb raider but is every 3rd person shooter a gear's rip off?? . I do agree that the uncharted series is like a movie made into a game. Yet nothing seemed to surprise them about the game, but you know it's EDGE nothing PS3 related has ever surprise them.
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theEnemy  +   2234d ago
you can't blame them.

When you said third-person shooter, Gears is the first thing that comes to their minds. Even if it is way way more better than gears and has more variety in it.

As for the surprise, I was surprise they gave it a 9. I'm thinking a 7 or 8 from them.
ColRomColumn  +   2235d ago
Sounds like a positive / fair review
Good solid action game, very tempted to buy PS3 for this, but one *great* game is not enough. Bit worried about the deriative of Gears/TR comment. Although what isn't these days?

The story sounds fantastic and I am sure the visuals are going to win awards. Exciting time to be a gamer, huh?
Major_Tom  +   2235d ago
You're right, one great game isn't enough, that's why my Xbox is in the dumpster.
Sarcasm  +   2235d ago
Jesus christ... even if the PS3 rolls out 15 more AAA titles, people like this always make that excuse "I might buy a PS3, but one good title isn't enough"

If you cant see the host of other amazing games already out on PS3, then you're not a true gamer.
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bjornbear  +   2235d ago
"one good title isn't enough"
Even though PS3 has the biggest variety of exclusive games...o.O i think some people NEED to see Gears or Halo ON the PS3 to want one...*sigh*
The Wood  +   2235d ago
1 great game???
did you just step out of the delorian or something?? Thats an anti gamer comment right there and you should have your gaming rites removed
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sikbeta  +   2235d ago
Hey, I bought a GameCube just for 1 Game the REmake, luckily MGS: The Twin Snakes, RE Zero and RE4 came out later
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Major_Tom  +   2235d ago
that was a JOKE for people who take this website so seriously.
bunbun777  +   2235d ago
hmmm MT
you know what they say about jokes being 50% honesty?

For a sec there ya got me though.
lightningsax  +   2235d ago
One great game? I'm repeating myself here, but try out Demon's Souls for a good chunk of time if you ever get the chance. It's all kinds of awesome. It's so complex, tough, and rewarding that it reminds me of my 2nd favorite original Xbox title - Gunvalkyrie.

By the way, anyone else remember that game?

@Tom - I'm pretty sure people are responding to 3, not you.
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Major_Tom  +   2235d ago
Strokes beard...

Shaka2K6  +   2235d ago
Edge Review?
Who cares?
talltony  +   2235d ago
let me just say this...
I dnt know how anyone in the right mind can give this game anything lower than a perfect score. Seriously this game IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE! I am not exagerrating. I really mean that. The game is so freakin incredible and it just raised the bar 5 levels in one day! I am still wondering how they made a ps4 game for my ps3.
chaosatom  +   2235d ago
The Xbots care, hahahhahhahahha. It was their last hope on dragging down U2.

Now the hope is all gone.
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xcox  +   2235d ago
yeah, obsolEDGE
the good thing about them releasing their assy review late is that there are millions of us who already have the game and can see for ourselves how full of sh!t these dinosaurs are
nix  +   2235d ago
no one is sitting on the 'edge' to buy this game...
everyone knows it's a must-have game!!! q:

note to Edge: karma is a b!tch. start repenting. soon the gaming world will belong to PS3. then, you'll be nothing but a blunt edge.
nix  +   2234d ago
aww.. this is sad.. the metacritic has come down to 9.6. well done haters!!!
qqjohn  +   2235d ago
Great score!!! Remember it´s EDGE
slave2Dcontroller  +   2235d ago
Sorry for the disagree
Normally I dont do that but IMO a score from edge has no validity IMO. "Great Score"? Nah.. worthless score is more suitable. Their score and words dont me jack to me. "remember its edge"? I say forget about edge.
#7.1 (Edited 2235d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Julie  +   2235d ago
slave2Dcontroller i agree with you i don't care about Edge not even if they gave a 10 or 0 , we all know what Edge does with scores, and how they toy with numbers $_$ to get attention (and money :p).
GrandTheftZamboni  +   2235d ago
9 is the minimum they could give without standing out as being biased. By giving it a 9, Edge can continue fooling some people that they are objective.
n4gno  +   2235d ago
yeah, it's important to remember, they always give less than metascores for ps3 exclusives (10 games : - 12), but not for
360(-2) :)

you can't compare notes from ps3 games and xbox games, because ps3 has better hardware and library now, so 10/10 are more difficults to give, but you can just easily check that they are always under the metascore (except lbp), only for ps3...no need to show anything else to conclude, edge = microsoft employees, or just fans.
lightningsax  +   2234d ago
I like Edge's reviews. I don't care much about the Metascore To Rule Them All - I look at my trusted sites and see what they have to say. Edge has been harsh, so I equate an Edge 9 with something like an IGN 10.8. It's what put me over the edge (hehe) to seek out Demon's Souls, calling 20 different stores before someone actually had the thing in stock.
slave2Dcontroller  +   2235d ago
Just came
to say who cares what edge rates U2? They really arent found of the Tre at all so why does it matter.

Want a solid and honest review? Look to Giantbomb, they like and dislike games on ALL consoles and thats how it should be.

edge can take that 9 and shove it up their a$$ and even if they had given it a 10 they could shove that up their a$$ too.
#8 (Edited 2235d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   2234d ago
I aprrove this message
Chuck Norris KING  +   2235d ago
flop ..
The Wood  +   2235d ago
trust me people will look back at some of these scores and think WTF
not hating on odst but edge calling them equal is a bit of a letdown. Im sure 360 owners want better games to be at the top of their list. I believe there are/were better games than odst on the xbox. People who i know have played it have thought WTF....the general consensus is that it is still an expansion pack that lacks the content of a full price game but to be honest i wouldn't of cared what edge gave U2 even if it was a 10 because they have been so full of inconsistent sh*t that i've lost too much respect from them and its not just from their bias for or against particular consoles but their 'look after their own' attitude they have consistently shown in favor of UK developers. Im from the UK so its definitely not a xenophobic argument against them in case you're wondering.
raztad  +   2235d ago
Wood, I can agree about UC2 being a 9 but what doesnt make any sense is ODST getting a 9 as well, even rabid Halo fans know game doesnt deserve it, but forget that. EDGE totally lost credibility on my eyes when they gave KZ2 a 7 and the so-so FEAR2 8

EDGE bias against the PS3 and its games, while favoring the x360 with the same fervor, its so blatantly obvious that puts any other biased site to shame.
lightningsax  +   2234d ago
@Raz - They gave Fear 2 an 8? *shudder* Wow, they did. I played the demo for that, realized it belonged on PS2 about six years ago, and left that alone. I usually like their reviews, but that's just not cool.
jessupj  +   2234d ago
I agree. I have zero respect for edge, their reviews are absolutely worthless to me. The only reason I'm here is for a good chuckle from edge's very predictable fanboyism and other people trying to deny edge are bias and calling people out when we complain about edge giving U2 a 9. I've actually only seem one idiot go on a fanboy rant of "9 is a good score you fanboys! What are you complaining about?"

I think people have finally got it inside their heads that we're not complaing about the 9, it's a very good score. We're complaining that some deluded gaming sites actually think ODST = U2.
bjornbear  +   2235d ago
Good review...
But, well, the world according to edge =

Halo ODST = Unchared 2: Amongst Thieves

That makes me sad =/...
lordkemp007  +   2235d ago
Edge giving this undisputed, majestic masterpiece a 9, is a big custard pie straight to the face of the xbotters.
CID  +   2235d ago
Wheres Mart?
. http://gadgetophilia.com/wp...
Found him
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MetalGearBear  +   2235d ago
bubbles for u!!!
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2235d ago
...those ChatBots at 'Teletext UK - GameCentral' gave it 9/10 today.

It sounds like a 10/10 to me!!! ;-P (Mine is in the Post) ;)
Mo0eY  +   2235d ago
I will not accept a 9 from Edge because they gave Halo: ODST the same; however, I am here to mock the bots that said, "I can't wait for the Edge review to come out!" Or "Where's the Edge review?"

Bots got owned.
divideby0  +   2235d ago
giving this game a nine...is a frigging joke.
the game is amazing and wipes the floor up with any other game released this year...
I was blown away while playing it...
ChrisTiffer  +   2235d ago
There is God after all!
cyborg6971  +   2235d ago
No there's not, just the power of the ps3. Ms is ditching there gimpbox and giving you natal. Which isn't a bad thing. Maybe then all of the morbidly obese American kids can get into shape. Good for edge for not being such douches.
NecrumSlavery  +   2235d ago
Edge just shut the fvck up and admit it's awesome. All they do it gripe on everything. Making crap up to dock points from this game. Edge should just eat a bullet.
BigPappaPump  +   2235d ago
coming from EDGE, that's a generous score. I seriously thought they were diks enough to give it a 7.
jessupj  +   2234d ago
They actually would love nothing better but to give it a 7, but they know they wouldn't be able to get away with it.
Jigga69  +   2235d ago
Edge on MS' ****
When you see a nine for an add on, and a nine for one of the best game ever

Anyway not very sad, Uncharted 2 has still higher rating than any exclusives 360 games and is considered by many a GOAT
Lou Ferrigno  +   2235d ago
i would still like to say F*CK YOU EDGE!!! .

a long ass history of continually bashing sony with your biasness doesnt just go away by trying to justify it with a few "9"s.

your site is still a -200/10
Ravage27  +   2235d ago
lol Edge they nv change...
are they trying to mislead people into thinking that odst is anywhere near the quality of UC2? Omg ND should take it as an insult!
darkequitus  +   2235d ago
Those of you that are saying [Andronix etc] the reviewer changed the score to reflect an editor over rule. Don't forget the next mag has already gone to print. that shut your conspiracy theory down.
thematrix1298  +   2235d ago
Every wonder why Naughty Dog doesn't send review copy to these guys :)
Blaster_Master  +   2235d ago
I hate edge. Their ps23 reviews are always negative, even when they give it a hight score grade. Those editors are nothing but fanboys in sheeps clothing.
TheMART  +   2235d ago
EDGE is a harsh reviewer, so a 9 from them is great. The Sony battledroids above don't want to hear it since the KZ2 score from EDGE they're butthurt.

Anyway, if its early in shops I'll be picking up Uncharted 2 and hopefully Brütal Legend for my 360 ofcourse as it got the better version. Also waiting for Bayonetta, much better than DMC4 and again the 360 version is far ahead in graphics, fps, lightning and more so that'll be another 360 buy there.
thor  +   2235d ago
Mart they have still given it the lowest score out of any review on meta... in a way they had no choice but to give it 9 or above.

The part of the review where they go, "it's not an FPS" is baffling.

I think any PS3 owner should think Edge is a joke when it comes to reviewing PS3 games... they consistently give games much, much lower than the metacritic average; same can't be said about their 360 game reviews. This is still 7 points from the average.
talltony  +   2235d ago
Mart I promise you
You will be without a doubt sure that you will never see anything remotely close to this game on xbox 360 when you play this game. Multiplats are similar on both platforms so what does that matter? Exclusives set the consoles apart. This game is better than any game I have ever played in my life!
buying1999   2235d ago | Spam
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2234d ago
You were doing so well...and then THIS comment. You're such a tool sometimes, Mart. What the heck?

Why bring up which version of Brutal Legend or Bayonetta looks "slightly" better?

Neither of them look anywhere close to Uncharted 2. After playing through the entire campaign, I can honestly say it outdoes Killzone 2 and even Crysis.

Yes...that's right. I said it has better graphics than Crysis.

This is the first game I've ever played where my jaw literally dropped. It was during the ice levels. Some parts of that level looked real. REAL!!! I asked my mom to come in and look at "screenshots of the new Spielberg movie". She thought it was real.


I'm telling you...after you beat this game...it's hard to play other games.

BTW...Bayonetta is fun...and it may even be better than DMC4. However, it won't be better than DMC3. I can guarantee you that.

It'll probably be the most fun action game ever made, but it still won't be as good as DMC3.

The demo was awesome though! No...there really isn't a big difference between the versions. It's not very noticeable, at least.
amiga-man  +   2235d ago
A review of any game is just an opinion, as such all we as gamers ask is for said opinion to be an honest one. It seems honesty is not always the driving force in some reviews.
jessupj  +   2234d ago
A review should not be an opinion. A review SHOULD be as objective as it can be. Think about it this way. There is an english teacher sitting at his/her desk marking 2 separate essays. Both of them are on different subjects, but both have very much the same level of quality (grama, pacing, spelling, articulation etc). The teacher is suppose to mark according to a set of strict guidelines. Guidelines I might add that have been discussed, standardized and recorded for all teachers to read and follow.

But this teacher, instead of rightfully giving the same mark for both assays, grades one of them lower because he/she doesn't personally like the student that wrote said essay of doesn't like the subject matter.

This is what edge and other unprofessional so called gaming journalists are doing. Marking according to their personal likes and dislikes (and fanboy bias) instead of reviewing ALL games CONSISTENTLY against a clear set of standards.

I say again, a review should not be an opinion. Please read my comment again if you cannot grasp this, or if you disagree please give a reason.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2235d ago
Well I'll be getting & have already bought.
Demons souls
uncharted 2
ninja gaiden sigma 2
gran turismo psp
mororstorm artic rift psp
killzone 2
& more!

& all the multiplats for my ps3.

Little graphicAl differences mean nothing to me. I got ps3 exclusives, free online
& everything in the whole wide world on psn.
wanaraceu  +   2235d ago
U2-90 ODST - 90 kz2 - 70 edge sorry just don't get it. I knew they were going to give u2 the lowest score they could. Never going to get a hit off me
lightningsax  +   2234d ago
I just can't get over the assignment of "U2" as its abbreviation. All I can imagine is Bono in a firefight with a chopper, unable to count to four in Spanish.
Picnic  +   2235d ago
The only question I had was whether they were going to give it an 8 (like the first game) or a 9 out of 10. I knew that they wouldn't give it a 10 (and I don't know whether it would deserve one as I haven't played it).

But remember that Edge, when given Super Mario Sunshine, had the chance to deviate from all the other magazines and give it the score that I feel it really deserves - no more than 8 out of 10. Yes Isle Delfino is a pretty hub world that you can use your abilities it in a fun way. But all the other worlds, except Noki Bay, are disappointingly limited and homogenous in ideas - many are like giant playgrounds leading to nothing. I accept that it was back in 2002 but to give Super Mario Sunshine a higher score than they gave Banjo Kazooie (8/10) was wrong in my opinion.

And Bioshock, for all its flaws, probably still deserved an Edge 9/10
when the somewhat over-rated Half Life 2 got 10/10- a game that, by Edge's standards of an emphasis on originality, didn't lead me in to any scenario that didn't make me think of another game.

Edge is the magazine that gave Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball 8/10 - a game that is outstanding for presentation, as decent as it can be for the unexciting game of volleyball but incredibly lacking in other satisfying things to do.

Edge, basically, claims to like new ideas but doesn't give those greatly ambitious games, like Bioshock, that they feel come up short in a few areas, enough slack given that they have such a compelling atmosphere and location.

A 9/10 from Edge is a great score, no matter how good the game. It doesn't mean they know what they're talking about any more than anyone else (they seem to automatically dock a point if an adventure game is linear).
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