IncGamers - Avatar: The Game [360/PS3] Preview

IncGamers' John Robertson gets some time with Avatar and gives his impressions of Cameron's videogame adaptation of his next big (and very 3D) release. Robertson has the chance to play with the 3D technology too.

"The production values are of the highest standard, the world looking vibrant and colourful at every juncture. Our time was wholly spent in a jungle environment teeming with life, both flora and fauna. The density of the trees and shrubs present you with an air of claustrophobia throughout, their vivid colours merging into something that wouldn't look out of place draped over the shoulders of some new-age hippy."

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Leord3319d ago

Large robots in 3D, this game does it ALL the right way :D

Fyzzu3319d ago

I'm still not sold on this, although I do want to see it on a 3D TV.

Maticus3319d ago

Sounds interesting, but can the gameplay hold up to competition?

Dorjan3319d ago

hmm... staying tuned...