XCM 360 to PS3 controller converter

The new version of the XCM cross battle adapter is out (Wired 360 controller converter for use on PS3). And with it comes new features such as button swapping, SIXAXIS support and rumble functions!

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Gostosa3350d ago

I'm totally buying this one. I love the PS3 controller for fighting games, but I can't go without the 360 controller for FPS. Especially Modern Warfare 2.

Whut3350d ago

I could use it to! I suck at street fighter IV on PS3 but I play good on xbox360. One of my friend have it on PS3 and I want to kick his butt hahah!!

leeger3350d ago

It can even use a 360 controller. lol

kwicksandz3350d ago

I noticed when playing GT5P that after a while my finger would get tingly and painful sensations of holding down R1 or R2 after a while. i was switching between the two trying to see if i could get a comfortble position for R2 but god sony really dropped the ball when designing the triggers on the DS3.

My local game doesnt sell the Gioteck real triggers either so im S.O.L when it comes to ps3 exclusive racers unless i resort to X as gas..

I think this kind of adaptor would have quite a market. Depending on the price i might order one.

nix3350d ago

i heard PS3 slim also converts 360 fans to PS3 owners.

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PS3 slim3350d ago

I would love my PS3 if it had the 360 controller. I'm still looking for a 3rd party pad that is shaped like a 360 pad with the same config. Sometimes I don't even like playing games on PS3 knowing the quality of the PS3 controller.

LtSkittles3350d ago

There's this one : and I think the quality is just fine for the DS3.

The Meerkat3350d ago

Fat fingered people of the world rejoice.

Robearboy3350d ago

This is the best news i have heard all year, i PERSONALLY cant stand the ps3 controller for FPS games, the L and R buttons IN MY OPINION are too close and feel un natural so games like killzone 2 and resistance were somewhat spoilt by this, i cant wait to go back to them now and play them again

DanSolo3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

It would be cool if Sony redesigned the PS3 controller somewhat. The D-pad is superior to the 360's, but in every other way I think the 360's controller has the edge.
If only Sony changed the R2 and L2 buttons to well designed triggers it would be a big plus. I have the trigger attachments which makes it a bit better but they are still well below par.

I don't own a 360 but I used to have the original Xbox and playing FPS's felt alot more natural using that controller. Also when playing driving games on the Xbox the triggers actually feel pretty good to use as accelerator and brake as you can really use the amount of pressure you apply to them to control the vehicle.

On the other side of things though, I really thought Microsoft would have realised that their directional buttons are sh1t and would have redesigned them for the 360. Their controller is good but that D-pad just feels crap.

JackBNimble3350d ago

Well I guess it's all a matter of opinion.I personally think the PS3 controller is far superior to the 360 controller.

Rhythmattic3350d ago

Its good that this will give people the option. As for me, "I prefer" the DS3 to the 360 controller.

madpuppy3350d ago

but, when I use the dual shock I don't have that problem, and I have relatively large hands and really like the 360 controller. it has something to do with my thumb on the left analog stick that causes the problem is my best guess. it somehow effects a nerve in my wrist and causes pain after a while.

Prototype3350d ago

I like the PS3 controller also much better since its made for all around gaming not just for one specific genre

madpuppy3350d ago

I don't really understand why I would get any disagrees for what the controller does to me?

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