SOCOM: Confrontation Interview and Fact Sheet

A video interview done with one of socom developer on Sony's gamers day and fact sheet for Socom: Confrontation.

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TriggerHappy4221d ago

this game is going to be soo good. Imagine playing againts 32 online marines and using the ps3 controller as a gun to head butt any mofo that comes around..ahhhh yes thats the life

omansteveo4221d ago

Ummm i dono i hope its good i heard zipper isnt doing this one they have another developer doing it

uHuRu4221d ago

Zipper is developing Socom 4. Socom: Confrontation is a PSN title, kinda like Warhawk.

bigmack4221d ago

this game will rule the online world

Odion4221d ago

This will rule the PS online world, Socom has never held a candel to PC FPS or Halo