Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Stage Demo

Check out this stage demonstration for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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Torch4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I'm always up for a solid adventure game starring a character with an edge. A bit of a minestrone consisting of Jack Burton, Jack Bauer, and Indiana Jones. How can one not be excited?

Graphics, lighting and textures (note water and foliage): simply gorgeous.

One thing they keep repeatedly promoting about this game, is the detail in facial expressions. Maybe I haven't yet seen adequate footage, but I've yet to see a moment where the character(s) is (are) close enough to merit the significance of such detail.

On another interesting note, to paraphrase the narrator:

"The demo is already too big to fit onto a DVD, so this game wouldn't be made possible without Blu-Ray."

The demo...DEMO??? too big for a DVD?

Holy moly.

techie4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Facial expressions? Watch the video below. And I took a screenshot :P

Watch his'll see, it's so cool watching him worried and breathing heavily.

PS360WII4221d ago

Looks like a fun adventure game. The animations for the enemies when he was shooting them was pretty good too. I like the slow down on some of those fighting parts. Overall it's looking like quite the game right now.


mgs are doing the same thing now

and heavenly sword

DiLeCtioN4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

now why don't you go and play with your box.

MADGameR4221d ago

Doubt it, you're just a hater. Go play X Box 360 instead of posting hate comments. Inside you know it looks good. If it was on the X Box 360 you would be like ''OMG it so pwns the PS3'' And don't start saying ''We don't need this lame game'' because inside you want to play this game. This game is very impressive. Thats the bottom line.

Keyser4221d ago

This is one of the best titles I've seen to come out. Truly next-gen. I remember deep talking about it and I was like, meh, but after reading about it in Game Informer and seeing the trailers, I'm terribly impressed. Kudos Deep...

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