10 ways for Apple's Mac OS X to Capitalize on Windows 7

There are at least 10 good reasons why Apple shouldn't fear the release of Microsoft's Windows 7. In fact the release of Windows 7 on Oct. 22 could well prove to be a golden opportunity for Apple to win more converts to Macintosh PCs and Mac OS X, if the recent history of earlier Windows releases is any guide. Factors such as more imaginative marketing and superior security could help Apple make deeper inroads into Microsoft's desktop dominance.

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Ron_Burgundy3325d ago

Windows has been sh*t ever since after xp

OS X is superior, and I KNOW, because I have both

Darkeyes3325d ago

Even I own both and I partly agree as it's faster and safer, but I still have to fall on to Windows to suffice my gaming needs and there are also few compatibility issues with OS X (although you find alternatives, but some progs are preferred by me that only work on Win)... Win7 from what I have seen is good... It's what Vista should have been. But yes, I do agree, in terms of user experience, I feel Mac to be a little more 'Show off' kind OS as compared to Win (I love the large icons lol).

dragonelite3325d ago

Shame you need windows to play games.
Apple is good but only for a OS to work on for office stuff.

Rhythmattic3325d ago


And Production Apps...

Final cut , Logic Pro.....

But definitely windows is the only choice for Gaming...

Serial_EDX3325d ago

I have to use Mac OS X for my Graphics classes, and personally I love it for that, how ever, when it comes to surfing the web, programs, games, music mixing, video editing, I will continue to do them with windows. I'm currently running windows 7 and I love it.

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hitthegspot3325d ago

I think People may take the plunge to 7. I got the free upgrade with my ALX system...

Spiden803325d ago

As much as windows and microhack suck, they are at least useful in one aspect...PC gaming. As gaming machines, they are awesome, with the right PC. Besides that, windows rots.