Visit Persona 4's Town In Persona 3 Portable

Siliconera: Ready for more Persona 4 – Persona 3 crossover content?

Play as the female protagonist and you take a trip to Inaba, the town where Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 takes place two years before the whole murder mess. While visiting, you stay at the Amagiya Inn and meet a younger version of Yukiko.

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James Bond3347d ago

More like Loliko, am i right?

Rifle-Man3347d ago

I have Persona 3 for PS2, but I haven't played it yet.

I think I'll wait for this version.

MAiKU3347d ago

I wouldn't.... i mean there are definitive differences between the two. The ps2 one had some anime cut scenes. From what i saw for the psp one, the first monster run in was not in an anime cut scene but instead a cut scene using the in game 3d models.

Rifle-Man3347d ago

Oh, that's interesting. Maybe I will stick with PS2 version after all.


supersonicsaga3347d ago

Play both. The PS3 has anime cutscenes and if you have the FES version it has an extra story called The Answer.

But the Psp has the girl mc with some other additions to the story.

Obama3347d ago

I am still playing the answer, but UC2 came out so now and ruin my streak with persona 3 XD.

Reibooi3347d ago

I can't wait for Persona 3 PSP. I hope Atlus releases it stateside quickly. At least there is Persona PSP to hold everyone over until it comes out.

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Noctis3347d ago

this is my most awaited psp game, besides Kingdom Hearts, of course ;)

jc485733347d ago

I really enjoyed playing the games, so hopefully or most likely they will bring it to the states. I think companies seriously need to learn something from atlus when it comes to adding more content or making changes to an existing game.

Redempteur3347d ago

If atlus don't bring it in the states , then they are sooo dumb

ZeroYui3347d ago

Sounds really cool, i wonder if you'll get to me Chie as well.P3P is a must have for me even though i don't own a PSP.Hopefully this game will come to NA.