Next Firefox can detect computer orientation

Cnet writes: "The upcoming version 3.6 of Firefox will be able to tell if you're listing to starboard--and pass that information along to applications running in the browser."

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Elven63049d ago

Seems a bit useless in my opinion, especially for larger laptops, I don't want to start shaking my screen. This is ideal for phones of course and many PDA's do have it.

Kakkoii3049d ago

Well it's main use is that it will tilt the image opposite of the laptop's tilt. So whatever is on the screen doesn't actually tilt. But yeah, I can't see this getting a whole lot of use, or a whole lot of people wanting to enable it.

1.) Because most computers don't have accelerometers.

2.) It could probably cause a good amount of annoyances.

Elven63048d ago

It seems like an idea better suited for a plugin, I've been thinking and this might be good for tablet PC's

Kakkoii3048d ago

Plugin's hog more resources. It's better to just have it integrated, can be turned on or off. Off by default.

Nihilism3048d ago

firefox can tell me my computers sexual orientation?, please be straight please be straight, i don't think i could handle the knowledge that my pc would speak with a gay lisp

Cenobia3048d ago

In before...