Microsoft taps the 'Family Guy' to sell Windows 7

Cnet writes: "Microsoft on Tuesday plans to announce a deal with News Corp.'s Fox that will see Microsoft sponsoring a TV show that will merge a pitch for Windows 7 with the comedic stylings of "Family Guy" voices Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein.

The show, dubbed "Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show," will air Sunday, November 8, at 8:30 p.m. (ET and PT). There won't be any commercial breaks; just Windows 7 built into the story line."

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Elven63268d ago

Will hopefully be better than those house party ads.

ZootHornRollo3267d ago

its not funny. each episode has the same format. only tools enjoy this show.

saddly midless retards roam the earth. sadly people well buy it just because its on tv and has family guy on it

Kushan3267d ago

"saddly midless retards roam the earth"

You managed to misspell the first two words of that sentence. Way to prove your point, mate.

BWS19823267d ago

doesn't get the high brow fart jokes. Family Guy is golden, end of story.

Awookie3267d ago

I agree, i enjoyed the first 2 seasons but now its as if the writers say hey how do we make this scene "funny" i know we will have someone fart, get hit with a bat or do a flashback to some random celeb noones heard of.

Its painful to watch and i cant believe people eat it up, but whatever i guess i like a little substance in my tv shows, you know something ill remember for more than 5 minutes after the episode ends.

Sitdown3267d ago

Family guy is enjoyed by two populations.......intellects on one end of the spectrum who enjoy random/smart comedy and then those on the other end who are typically considered "airheads". Those in the middle tend to be lost, and have no clue what's going on....those often times tend to be the ones who take life just a little bit to serious.

BWS19823266d ago

some deep set of revelations in each episode, Awookie. It's not meant as a drama, and if you've never heard of ANY of the celebrities, it's not a show for you. It constantly makes references to pop culture, movies, VIDEO GAMES, music, politics, etc...and if you don't understand those references, I can see how it seems "random" and haphazardly written. It's not. The show is incredibly well written, well animated, unique, biting, and laugh out loud hilarious. If it's "not your thing" that's fine, but don't reduce it to crap just because you're lost when a joke comes along on the show. There's a reason it's so popular, and if you really knew the show, you'd know it's not just fart jokes and sexual humor, it's good ol' fashioned humor it lightens an otherwise dark and dreary world.

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James Bond3268d ago

Guess that's the only way M$ could sell 7.

Pandamobile3268d ago

It's better than Apple's sad attempt at advertising.

Elven63268d ago

Even without advertising Windows still manages to sell a crap ton of copies.

gamesR4fun3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

force it down the throat of anyone buying a new pc or laptop. Jus try buying a pc without it I fought bestbuy for an hour n still walked out with vista on my new toshiba laptop. tho i did get 50 bucks off lol

disagree eh too chicken ta say why i suppose cause u know im saying it like it is. the way ms os are sold should b criminalized people should have an option at the counter has to what they want on their machine n if they did you think ms would still get those stellar sales?

Elven63268d ago

Firstly, I didn't press agree or disagree on your post.

Secondly, yes you are right but even then, Windows has become so familiar and compatible (with day to day programs) and people prefer it for that. Try giving your average computer user a company of Linux, the learning curve would be very discouraging for some. Dell I believe is an example of a company that gives you the choice of installing what ever OS you want (aka Windows or Linux).

gamesR4fun3268d ago

elven didnt mean u personally m8 n ya its def got that advantage but really linux distros are getting friendlier all the time just chk out ubuntu any windows user wouldnt have a problem with it imo.

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Ron_Burgundy3268d ago

I prefer South Park M$, as the comedy on family guy is random and fails on too many punchlines

Elven63268d ago

South Park is great but Family Guy is unfortunately more mainstream.

The XBLA game was through a Microsoft/SPS partnership so who knows, maybe some advertising is inbound there as well.

dkgshiz3268d ago

Just use a torrent. Or use linux.

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