PSPgo Gets Knocked Off

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Chinese counterfeits are prevalent in all markets of the world. However, this latest one sold by ChinaGrabber, dubbed the PXP-2000, looks almost identical to Sony's recently released PSPgo."

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ps3gamerkyle3269d ago

If it had the same features.. But the PSPgo and this thing look damn near alike.

FwanK3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

sigh... those chinese

digger183269d ago

Why do you think a lawsuit? China has no laws on companies counterfeiting. They can tell Sony to p!ss off and they can't do a thing about it.

Blaze9293269d ago

China doesn't have copyright/imitation laws like elsewhere so they do as they please. So bold in fact, they released the Vii before the Wii even hit China.

PinkUni3269d ago

that thing supports linux and windows!!

2gb bulit in

and all those formats

if it actually shows the animation of the gif format im f*cking sold

MagicAccent3268d ago

Someone, send one of these Ashens!

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-Mezzo-3269d ago

They Know The Way of The Samurai.

bakaPX3269d ago

If it can't play psp games, I'll pass. Duh, it can't play PSP games. Although, the features are actually better than what China usually does for new systems that they copy

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