How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Halo

James Bishop, author of the Spoony Bard column for TheGameReviews, talks about why Halo: ODST and the Halo series aren't going go beyond scraping the surface for mixing plot into the first-person shooter genre, and why that's OK - even if it could be so much more.

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SirLarr3262d ago

I'm still worrying and hating the Halo, so this will be a good read for me.

SlamVanderhuge3262d ago'll feel better

shoinan3262d ago

Be Happy. Or just don't play Halo. Or both.

ShabzS3262d ago

i love halo... as long as bungie is in control no worries

gidzilla3262d ago

An interesting point, but I feel you fall into the 1% of Halo players that give a darn.
Its a big jumpy, shooty mess and thats what people like about it!
So long as its selling truck loads it aint gonna change!

cain1413262d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of ODST, mainly for it's pricepoint. If you already owned the maps, it was a rip off...

Nick27283262d ago

This game is further proof that Halo is overvalued, at the very least by Bungie, and by those who have bought it. I mean, yes, it may be a great game, it may look good, it may be fun to play but nobody should have to pay 60 bucks for six hours of gameplay. That's like charging me 10 bucks for a doughnut. I may like the doughnut but the price is too high.

Xi3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

for like 40 cars and 3 tracks in GTP.

And COD4 had a 4-6 hour campaign and it was 60 bucks.

I've yet to hear any complaints from people who actually own the game about the value attached to it. Fire-fight and an open hub world are awesome, the full halo 3 multiplayer with the 3 extra maps, and it still has split screen.