Blazing Angels sequel confirmed for PS3.

Ubisoft's Blazing Angels: Secret Missions is winging its way to PS3 in addition to Xbox 360 and PC, it's emerged.

The latest release schedule from the publisher confirms that the aerial combat sequel will release simultaneously on Sony's console alongside the previously announced versions on August 31.

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Silvia0074141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Have damn advance controls... morons. For example, like the Ace Combat Series... drools. Who the hell wants to fly a plane like driving a car.

I've spent more time trying to change the controls in this game then I do actually playing it. Spent 5 min in the training session and gave up. Collecting dust ever since.

uHuRu4141d ago

Warhawk and Lair will satisfy my flight fix.

M_Prime4141d ago

i don't own a PS3 but i hear if u want to actually fly the warhawk then u really gatta train cause its that hard.

dauden4141d ago

..that developers is putting a lot of effort for the game to be easy for anyone to play. My source is a norwegian interview with Dylan Jobe from Incognito Entertainment.


lil bush4141d ago

i think it will turn out to be a good game.....

Skynetone4141d ago

if you like shooting down planes youll love this