Destructoid Review: Brutal Legend

Destructoid.......Despite having only developed one game prior, there were a lot of expectations for Double Fine Productions' follow-up, Brütal Legend. With founder Tim Schafer behind the wheel, this heavy metal world translated to videogame has been turning (or would it be banging?) heads since its official announcement in 2007. The folks who made Psychonauts? Sign us up!

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s8anicslayer3320d ago

OUCH! lowest score yet...

DonCorneo3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

just to make the xbots feel a bit better. xbots are depressed because on October 13th they are missing out on the greatest game this gen.

Uncharted 2 9.5
Brutal Legend 9.3

really, only a 0.2 difference.